• When: 2019-12-27
  • QIC: Olive Oil
  • The PAX: Pepto, Chop Block, Double Fault, Pinot, Cheddar, Watergate, Sweet Tart, Penny Stock, and YHC

Better when the lights are on

Weather – High 40’s, per my car

The Thang –  So every so often, the starts align and we trade off the pellet palace for the lights at Riverland Hills.  Mostly on days that we know that Pepto can play the whole time since he is one of the driving forces for Clash starting three years ago.  To the highlights!

Player of the match has to be Sweet Tart.  The self proclaimed “I scored a hat trick for both teams” does not mean he has a ton of on goals, but the fact that the teams were so lopsided to start that he switched half way and still managed to be a factor in the comeback.  I know we were close to having 30 goals scored in total, and I feel that he was close to having 15 of them himself.  Man was on fire!

While we are talking about the teams, it ended up being the fast and agile along with Cheddar vs the rest.  Twenty minutes in….the trade occurred.  But to give you how the day was going, Team Point Blank earned their name as they had about five shots on goal in the span of about 30 seconds to either get deflected or bounce off the post….all within a point blank range.  And we were playing on regular sized goals too.  At least fun was had…right?

It is always fun to see the game within the game that occurs, so it was really fun to see Double Fault and Cheddar go at it along with the father son battle of Pepto and Chop Block.  I am sure there will be stories one day about the trash talking between Double Fault and Cheddar, but to see it in person is a thing of beauty.  It is even better when one of them actually back it up too!  And at some point, Chop Block is going to overtake dad….but it was not today.  I will say that he is getting closer and closer each day….so Pepto better watch out!  Of course he can still ground him and say he can not post just to keep the upper hand…but we do not condone that kind of actions out here.

The day was fun.  Realizing how it is actually done while being able to see where your team actually running is one of the better parts about playing under the lights.  But then again, everyone else also sees when you make a fool out of yourself….and I am pretty sure most did.  Frisbee next week….same time, same place!

Count, Name, Announcements, Prayer Request – sick kids, loss of aunt (Sweet Tart), loss of child trying to adopt for ministers at RHBC (Olive Oil)


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