• When: 06/23/17
  • QIC: Jar Jar and 2.0's
  • The PAX: Huffy, Cartwheel, Venti, Cannonball, Corndog and his 2.0, Blowout and his 2.0 (sorry, didn't record names), Firecracker, Bullrock, Rocket, Odie, Jar Jar

Kids go #Cheechstrong

Conditions: Humid and warm

Tha Thang: 5 dads and 8 little ones gathered at Dreher for the 3rd F3Dads workout of the summer. Small crowd, probably due to many of the pax running for the Cheech convergence and not having time to do both. You are definitely forgiven if that is your reason.


Mosey to field, circle up for COP
SSH IC x 5, Merkin IC x 5

Mosey to backfield for some Field Day Games, adjusted on the fly by YHC.
Divide into 2 teams who will be competing. Remember, winning has its privileges.

1st event: Eggwalk with spoon (except using a golf ball) relay. Whole team planks while waiting turns. Loser does burpees
2nd event: Repeat eggwalk, except this time using offhand. Plank during. Loser does jump squats.
3rd event: Bucket brigade (not the Spartan kind), passing cups of water overhead with eyes closed to fill bucket. #drenched
4th event: Bucket brigade, but on backs while doing flutter kicks
5th event: Relay race, sprint 30 yrd, do 5 merkins, backwards run back. Spectators airchair I think.

Mosey to Hollywood Squares
Incline Merkins x 10 OYO
Box jumps (modified as needed) x 10 OYO
TV Freeze Tag (YHC forgot the rules, whoops!)

Namorama – Welcome Cannonball!

Devo: As many of you were, YHC was affected deeply by his passing, even though I had never met him. I was running at the same time he was, with the same hi-viz gear he was, yet I am still here and he is not. This of course is striking. We do need to learn from this, be safe, and watch out for our brothers. But, there is a reason it was him and not me or you. Let me explain…

Even a cursory glance at Cheech’s twitter feed or the statements being made about him now make it abundantly clear that this was a man who loved his wife, his kids, but mostly, he loved his Lord. Cheech regularly attended and led a Bible study at 0430! A man only does this “foolishness” out of deep love. He also knew that his Lord is absolutely sovereign over all things, triumphs and tragedies both. Yet, Cheech’s death was not a tragedy for Cheech himself. He is right now in the presence of Christ, worshiping and enjoying God in a far better way than you or I have ever experienced. For Cheech, to die was gain. This was not one minute too soon from God’s perspective, which is the one that matters most. Cheech finished his race, right on time. 2 Tim 4:7

His beloved wife and kids are the ones who are really hurting right now, and we rightfully hurt along with them, and help them as we can. They will never know this side of eternity the exact reasons why God purposed this to happen now, but we can rest assured that even in the pain, this is part of God’s ultimate plan for His own glory, and it is a far better and sweeter plan than any of us could come up with. “Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His saints” Ps 116:15. Therefore, let us continue to pray for his family’s comforting and healing and provision, and we should provide for their needs, while we honor Cheech’s memory appropriately and follow his example as he followed Christ.

#cheechstrong #sleevelesslikecheech

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