• When: 2020-09-14
  • QIC: Sled
  • The PAX: Ripcord, OBC, Lumen, Prenup, Goose

Just a jaunt around the block

Six men came out for a Monday version of Score, and YHC advised everyone they would probably not like the workout planned. It happens when YHC goes looking in the Lexicon for new ideas.  Solid work and effort by all on a nice morning.

Conditions: 73 degrees and slight breeze


SSH x20 IC

Imperial Walkers x20 IC

High Knees x20 IC

Arm stretching exerises

Downward dog

Captain Thor (1 BigBoy Sit-up and 4 Freedom Twists) x10 OYO

Gas Pumpers x20 IC

Leg/Hip stretching exercises

Mosey to the sandbox for next COP:

Plank Jacks x20 IC

Dying Cockroach x20 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles x20 IC forwards and backwards, Overhead Press x20 IC, Overhead Clap x20 IC

Game called 7 of diamonds was explained:

The block of Princeton to Devereaux to Daly to Michigan would be our diamond. Run to the first corner and stop and do 7 reps of an exercise. Do this at each corner for the first lap. Reps would increase exponentially each lap.

First lap – do 7 Big Boy Situps at each corner

Second lap – do 14 Mountain Climbers at each corner

Half time: V ups x20 IC, Stargazers

Third lap – do 21 Squats at each corner

Fourth lap – do 28 Little Baby Crunches at each corner

Mosey back to Carlisle Club for an ab set to close it out (pax told to keep feet in the air for this set)

Rosalita x15 IC, Hello Dolly x15 IC, Freddie Mercury x15 IC, Boxcutter x15 IC

COT and BOM: Solid work by all. Enjoyed being with everyone. Three for coffee, and we picked up a stray as Nails joined us.

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