• When: 2019-08-29
  • QIC: Silver Bullet
  • The PAX: Rosenbagger; Serena; Banjo; Corndog; Jar Jar; Earwax; Pondo; Hee Haw; Silver Bullet; Fro Yo; Dr. Pickles; Billy Bob; Happy Trees; Boomerang; Pipeline; Chewie; Bonesaw; Odyssey; Belk; Heist; Landshark; Teddy; Delilah; Loveseat; Birthday Suit; Kenny G.; Shocker

Juice box for Woodshed, a/k/a 5-year anniversary workout

27 Pax attended the five-year anniversary of @F3Woodshed. Woodshed and its Pax helped with the early starts of other AOs including: Stumble, Castle, The Bull, Rogue, Legion, Winnsboro, Hartsville, and Myrtle Beach Market Place.

For this workout, we did a little bit to support @F3Greenwood as well as a little bit of the Woodshed tracking performance workout called The Axe.

WARM UP: Side Saddle Hop (20); Imperial Walkers (15); Little Baby Arm Circles (front & back).

The THANG: the F3Greenwood Laredo–Repeat 6x the following:
– 24 squats
– 24 merkins
– 24 lunges*
– 400 meter run**

Our recorded times (some of our group had to leave early for work, and some of your handwriting is atrocious, so I did my best):

Rosenbagger 20:58
Serena 24:41
Banjo 24:43
Corndog 25:03
Jar Jar 25:04
Earwax 24:21
Pondo 25:45
Hee Haw 25:54
Silver Bullet 26:26
Fro Yo 27:18
Dr. Pickles 27:30
Billy Bob 27:04
Happy Trees 27:12
Boomerang 27:43
Pipeline 27:48
Chewie 28:38
Bonesaw 28:38
Odyssey 29:00
Belk 30:30
Heist 32:00
Landshark 32:25
Teddy 32:32
Delilah 32:34
Loveseat 33:32
Birthday Suit 37:41

*The F3Greeenwood guys clarified that this was a “walking lunge,” which is really just a lunge, as opposed to a lunge in place.

**Our 400 meters was measured via Google maps as a 200M out and back.

– 20 sledge hammer blows onto large tires (alternate dominant hand)
– 20 Russian twists
(repeat to fill up the remaining time)

Finally, either:
– be one of the volunteers returning the large tires, or
– 10 burpies

– Each PAX is encouraged to sign up their individual times for the Laredo at the www.f3greenwood.com web site. (Sign-up: https://f3greenwood.com/2019/07/27/iron-pax-2019/ )
– Q-School on September 28 at 8:00 am to 10:30 am, at St. John’s Episcopal Church. Breakfast provided. Leader: McLovin
– F3Columbia turns 7 in October — actually, this is the same start date for F3 in South Carolina. CONVERGENCE on October 19 at 7:0 am to 8:00 am at AC Flora High School (Battle).
– Billy Bob wants everyone to read the emails. So read them, if you would like to.

– REMINDER that everyone should be safe and WEAR REFLECTIVE GEAR at every workout: runs and boot camps.