• When: 01/21/17
  • QIC: Belding
  • The PAX: Full Monty, Fro-man, Purple Rain, Spanky, Big Time, Apple, Beta Max, Fallout, HeeHaw, Boris, Belding

Jennering Jenners “Make #Dawnstrike Great Again”

11 rose…11 Jennered…most moaned and groaned…typical #DawnStrike (minus the running of course)!

Conditions – Not January weather…

The Thang:

Due to the frustration of YHC for the consistent association with the creature currently named Caitlyn (formerly Bruce for those hiding under rocks) by several Dawnstrike regulars (which will remain anonymous), YHC felt the need to unleash the “Jenner” on these fools…and take a tour of YHC’s stomping grounds in the process!

**Disclaimer – only God knows what we really did…after the first COP, YHC was either laughing too hard or dodging assassination attempts to really pay attention.

Head down Millwood w/ a right on Daly. COP @ Michigan – 20 SSH IC
Head down Daly to Bratton – COP – Flutters IC, Big Boys, & 6 inches
Head down Bratton to Shirley (YHC’s hood) – COP – flutters and other stuff
Head up Shirley to the hill (we flipped off Butler hill but took on this beast) – 20 Merkins & squats at the top, bottom (Trenholm & Shirley) and then at the top.
Head down Shirley to 1210 Shirley Street – YHC’s childhood home – COP – I can’t remember what we did…Mary stuff.
Head down Shirley to Millwood, turn right on Millwood to the Epworth CH Admin parking lot. (YHC’s father’s childhood home) – COP – flutters, Freddie Mercury’s, LBC’s
Out of parking lot, cross over Maple, down Cyprus, left on Woodrow to Bethel AME Church (former Shandon Baptist – YHC’s church home) – more Mary – than 20 merkins & squats at the bottom of the church steps, top of the steps, bottom of the steps.
Down Woodrow, left on Lee, Right on Maple – COP – more Mary in front of the old Schneider School.
Left on Devine, down Devine to Cantina’s Parking lot for more Mary.
Down Devine to Incarnation’s parking lot for more Mary led by Boris and Purple Rain.
Down Devine, past Dunkin to Dreher for more Mary and some squats.

COT & BOM led by YHC

Great work by the PAX today. It was obvious, due to the positive feedback being shared, the Dawnstrike pax have embraced running and have officially changed the Dawnstrike hashtag to #RunnerestAOever! Big thanks to our AO Q for graciously ensuring all work out preferences feel comfortable at #Dawnstrike.

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