• When: 2017-12-11
  • QIC: Turnpike
  • The PAX: Kamikaze (#Respect), Freebird, Katniss, TOY, WHAM!, Grilz, Eldrick, Turncoat, Special K (#Respect), Turnpike

It’s Always Warm at The Castle

10 PAX started their week off right by taking the #DRP. Sub-freezing temperatures didn’t keep them away, and they weren’t cold for very long.

Conditions – 29 and clear

Opened with the Disclaimer

The Thang:

  • SSH *20 (IC)
  • Through the Tunnel *20 (IC)
  • Calf Raises *20 (IC)
  • Little Baby Arm Circles – Forward *20 (IC)
  • Little Baby Arm Circles – Backward *20 (IC)
  • Quad Stretch – Right/Left Leg
  • Monkey Humpers *15 (OYO)
  • Jump Rope – 1 minute

We moseyed to the Guard Shack and then started the fun:

  • Bernie Sanders ½ way up Liberal Hill, Lunge Walk ½ way, Air Chair at top, mosey down
  • Bear Crawl ¼, Lunge Walk ¼, Bear Crawl ¼, Lunge Walk ¼ up Liberal Hill, mosey down
  • Bernie Sanders ½ way up Liberal Hill, Lunge Walk ½ way, Air Chair at top
  • Indian Run to end of North Tombee Lane – 5 Burpees (OYO), mosey back to COT

In the COT:

  • Solo Iron Cross *20 (OYO)
  • Flutter Kicks *20 (OYO)
  • LBCs *20 (OYO)
  • BBSU *20 (OYO)
  • Jump Rope * 1 minute

Rinse and Repeat

  • Plank: Left arm up, Left leg up, Right leg up. YHC has a bad left shoulder, so no right arm up.

Partner Up: 100 Merkins and 200 squats, Partner 1 starts exercise, Partner 2 runs the Parking lot, switch.

Partner 1 jumps rope, Partner 2 runs the Whoville loop, switch. Rinse and repeat.

COT: Counterama; Name-O-Rama, Announcements – HDHH Bar None Wednesday 12/11 at 5, F3 Holiday Party Thursday, 12/14 from 7-10PM at the clubhouse. Honored to lead the PAX this morning – a great group of men. Proud to be part of F3 and The Castle.  Prayer. Done.