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It’s a Thin Line Between New Year’s Eve and the Rest of Your Life

Conditions: Finally cooler and no rain

The Thang: From the AO at SPC to Blossom Street to Harden Street, where we did a driveby on the hungover crowd at Bar None, before making our way down to Greene Street. From there we took South Main to the State House, which we skirted to the west and cut across Gervais Street to see the gutter scuz clean-up crew making the north grounds presentable again, following the New Year’s Eve festivities a few hours earlier. After negotiating a few rivers of what Cesspool said was water (wishful thinking), we made it down Main Street to Hampton Street and then on to Bull Street. A left turn back onto Gervais and then a downhill to Harden was following by the Devine Street hill back to the AO.

BOM: Led by DriveBy


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