• When: 2017-11-02
  • QIC: Insanity
  • The PAX: Boris, Biggie Smalls, Beads, Welcome Week, Spanky, Noonan, Fallout, Jenny, Spot, Insanity

Insane 8s at Thunder

The Thang

Mosey to middle of field and plant flag.


SSH x 20 IC

Imperial squat walker x 15 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Flutter kicks x 20 IC

Crazy 8s

8 min AMRAPs:  Run figure 8 on the field w/ exercises at corners and at the flag in the middle of the field on each passing until time is called.

Round 1:  10 diamond merkins at corner #1, 20 reg merkins at #2, 10 hand-release merkins at #3 & 20 wide-arm merkins at #4.  10 sky-ups at the flag to rest arms.

Round 2:  5 jump lunges (each leg) at #1, 10 tuck jumps at #2, 15 jump squats at #3, 20 monkey humpers at #4.  10 sky-ups at the flag.

Round 3:  20 LBCs at #1, 20 russian twists at #2, 20 freddy mercurys at #3, 20 flutters at #4.  3 burpees at the flag.

Mosey to basketball court.  Line up along sideline closest to school.

4 min AMRAP:  10 merkins, bear crawl width of court, 10 carolina dry docks, 10 dips on picnic tables, bear crawl back to start.  Rinse and repeat until time.

Mosey to school wall.

1 min of People’s Chair

15 sky-ups

15 russian twists IC

1 min plank sequence

BOM- Insanity

Devo- Biggie Smalls.  Challenge yourself to overcome difficulties instead of giving up.