• When: 10/27/15
  • QIC: WingBack and Pondo
  • The PAX: Woodshed Pax: BoneSaw, Rossenbagger, ShowGirl, FNG Porter, HolyPoker, FroYo, Chewy, Heist, Stretch, Odyssey, SilverBullet, Belding, KennyG, BackDraft, Pondo

Indian MounDora Joint Op.

This was our 2nd Joint Op. between the #LegitLegionnaires and the #TheWoodshedders.  Always a good time. We had the pleasure of Rossenbagger joining us and he brought an FNG (Porter), who was quickly introduced to the meaning of “beatdown”.

Conditions: Cool and Damp

The Thang: WingBack ran his crew from Legion across Garner’s Ferry to meet us at Indian Mound.  YHC and Woodshed pax did an Indian Run from #TheShed AO parking lot out to Old Woodlands and up to Indian Mound.

Fun was in store for all.  WingBack and YHC had planned a brutal, inverted Dora workout: 200 merkins, 150 jump squats, 100 burpees.  Partner 1 began performing the exercise at the top of Indian Mound, while Partner 2 ran to the bottom of Indian Mound and back to the top.  Partners switched up until all reps were completed.  Half way through the burpees WingBack noticed there was no #mummblechatter.  This was rough, but the pax persevered and finished earlier than Q’s had anticipated, so we rewarded them with adding 20 BBSitups at the top and 20 at the bottom to performed without partners with a Rinse and Repeat.

Group Hug and Indian run back to Woodshed parking lot with a brief pain station half way through consisting of SSH x 20 IC, squats x 20 IC and Mountain Climbers x 20 IC.  Back in the parking lot we enjoyed 3 Minutes of Mary with Flutter Kicks, LBC’s and Russian Twists.

Moleskin: Joint Ops are a good time and good opportunity for some 2ndF.  Also, jump squats into burpees on a big hill will put hair on your chest.  Great to sweat with our Legion Brothers. Thanks to WingBack for co-Qing.

Announcements: MudRun 2016 coming your way in April.  HDHH.  Lunch at Salsaritas Thursday at noon.



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