• When: 10/24/15
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: Silver Bullet, Odyssey, Pondo

In Search of a Mud Run

It was F3Nation MudRun day, organized by The Woodshed’s very own Heist, so turn out at this workout was understandably low.  3 faithful pax posted for a brick carrying romp through the Hamptons with a brief tour of the Hampton Leas Nature Trail and the Gills Creek Flood Plain.

Conditions: Cool

The Thang: Run to the cage to get 2 bricks per pax.  Mosey from the AO down Olde Knight Parkway to Old Woodlands.  At the intersection, we did a pain station of SSH, curls and triceps extensions.  All x 20 & IC.  Continue mosey with bricks to intersection with Saye Cut for another pain station consisting of squats, shoulder press and Flutter Kicks, all x 20 & IC.  Continue down Old Woodlands and turn right onto Hampton Leas Lane.  Mosey to intersection with Trafalgar for a pain station with diamond merkins on the bricks and LAC’s forward and backwards, all x 20 & IC.  Mosey to the nature trail.  Search for Gills Creek.  Become directionally challenged once the path breaks down. Bushwhack back to Hampton Leas Lane for another pain station of merkins and combo squats with shoulder press x 20 IC and take a left onto Old Woodlands.   Run back to intersection with Saye Cut for another pain station of Russian Twists x 25 IC and Calf Raises x 30.  Continue up Old Woodlands, turn right onto Christie, left onto Galway Lane.  Stopped at Belding’s house for another pain station of BB Situps x 30.  Mosey back to brick cage to put up bricks.  Jail Break to COT.

BOM and Devo by Pondo

Moleskin: Low turn out, but quality pax.  Hope all the MudRunners had a great race.

Announcements:  Ramble Halloween 5K is Friday.  HDHH and Salsaritas lunch Thursday at noon.

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