• When: 07/02/15
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: OnRamp, Improv, Odyssey, BackHoe, Stretch, FroYo, LandLine, SilverBullet, HappyTrees, Chewey, BackDraft, LandShark, LoveSeat, PaperCut, Crack, Tonto, FNG Voucher, BoneSaw, Trike, HolyPoker, Pondo

Independent Wood

21 Patriots (including 1 FNG- Welcome Voucher) posted for a #WoodshedBeatDown of historic proportions.  This is the day the 2nd Continental Congress in Philadelphia voted to declare our independence from England.  The Declaration of Independence was dated two days later, but not signed until August 2nd.  To commemorate this momentous occasion in our nation’s history, YHC shared a history lesson with the Pax as we did an Indian run to Indian Mound carrying Old Glory (always at the front).  YHC will spare the details of the history lesson for the BB, but the basic conclusion is that the American Revolution wouldn’t have worked without South Carolina and her political and military leaders.  Little did the pax know, YHC and #WingBack had planned a joint operation for the Woodshed and Legion Pax.

The Thang: Indian run to Indian Mound, where we planted the flag and moseyed to Sallie Baxter where YHC and #Wingback had deposited bricks the night before.  Surprised Woodshed Pax with Legion Pax sighting on Sallie Baxter.  Short greetings and 2nd F pleasantries, then we partnered up, grabbed 2 bricks/partnership and moseyed back to the top of Indian Mound for a #BrutalDora.

P1 w/ bricks- BBSitups while P2 runs to bottom of hill and back. Flap Jack until total count is 100.

P1 w/ bricks- 50 merkins, 50 diamond merkins, 50 wide arm merkins. P2 runs while P1 knocks out 50, then flap jack until each partner has done 50 of all 3 merkin types.

P1 w/bricks- Alternating Jump Lunges while P2 runs to bottom of hill and back, then flap jack until total count is 200

Bid Farewell to Legion Brothers then did Indian Run back to WS COT. Stopped for one pain station of 20 Iron Crosses and 20 Decline Merkins to wait for 6.

COT and BOM by Pondo

Devo by Pondo  Matthew 23 Parable of the 3 Servants: How do you act when the master is away?

Moleskin: This was Woodshed’s first joint operation with Legion.  It was fun to plan and even more fun to execute.  YHC enjoyed sharing the historical significance of the day with the pax.  We are blessed to be free and have the republican democracy we enjoy.  It’s not perfect, but it’s made us the great country we are today.

Announcements: Friday Father’s Dad and 2.0 workout Friday, lead by the Shed’s own LoveSeat.  Convergence Workout on the 4th at Finlay Park from 8-9, lead by our very own SilverBullet and Heist.  No workout at the Shed Saturday.  Go out and support our Q’s!  Stretch will be leading a class on proper form for major exercises following a Saturday workout at the Shed coming soon.  #WoodshedLeads     Our 1 year Anniversary is coming 8/29.  This will be a convergence and is a big deal.  Invite everyone you see at other AO’s.  We will have a 6:00 am Dawn Strike at the Shed, followed by a 7-8 boot camp beat down.

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