• When: 2017-09-17
  • QIC: Enterprise
  • The PAX: Enterprise, Drummer Boy, Bobber, Pothole, King James, Johnny Bench, Heisenberg, Fools Gold, Spooks, Stones, Tommy Knocker, Stage Coach, Big Mac, Box Wine, Claireece , Bell Hop, Giggles, Bolt, Tent Pole

Improper Use of Steps at Finley Park Result in Encouragement the Hard Way

Nineteen men posted at The Mission today. Men from Depot and Strut, and ofcourse the men of the Oliver Gospel Mission (OGM), men with addictions who participate in a rigorous program at the OGM.  The Mission is considered your second AO if you’ve posted here once but regularly attend another AO.  Had a diverse age group here today, 22 (Johnny Bench/Tommy Knocker) – 59 (Spokes).

Enterprise, a successful program member who has graduated and is employed, and like 99% of us working stiffs, is traversing the real world logistics of bills, shelter, cars, bills, relationships, bills, etc – was our Q.  YHC wants to point out that the current program members of The Mission are as mature and dedicated to success as any “class” before them.  No attempt here to define success except to say the time horizon is measured in hours instead of weeks or months.

Want to mention the Depot men quickly.  (pause for crickets….) OK, that’s it. Na, really.  Dang good to have them at Finley today!  Doubt they realize the importance of their two hour sacrifice cause it’s easy to take for granted a F3 workout.  But encouragement is a human need, and the OGM men need it as much as any of God’s greatest creation (no, not dogs).  And Depot dished encouragement out.  YHC remembers Pothole encouraging in COT as he said that he’d like to see all AO’s be like The Mission – express their addictions and encourage one another to success. Fools Gold and Stage Coach realized during the entire workout the importance of a simple back slap and “good job man”.  YHC remembers Bell Hop encouraging Mission men up the gosh awful one hundred flights of steps as we inexplicably Bear Crawled to Laurel Street – pretty darn sure that’s not what Mr. Finley had in mind for those steps.  But Bear Crawls, improper use of steps and needed encouragement go hand-in-hand. Who knew?

Disclaimer was given by Enterprise

Conditions were sunny with perfect temps on the dry turf.

The Thang

YHC won’t attempt to detail the entire sordid mess except to say Enterprise has been hanging around the Columbia Region AO’s too freakin long.  Some highlights then.  Enterprise is obviously a seasoned Q, handle all aspects very well.  Invite him to you’re AO soon to Q if you’re in decent shape or are simple-minded and like Burpees.  @F3Enterprise.

  • A COP which encompassed Upper, Abs, Legs. And was continually sprinkled with 5 burpees.
  • A Mosey to the Amphitheater where we Moseyed up and down 5 Xs and did a ladder of 5 exercises. Some OYO and some In Cadence.
  • A Mosey back to Flags for some final Mary.

Circle of Trust

Count/Names:  and…

Announcements: 1) Strut/Speed Trap/Havoc post next Saturday at The Mission.  2) The Mission posts at Smokehouse on 9/30.  All are welcome.  7:30. With breakfast following Boot Camp.  3) Heisenberg, AOQ, thanked Lake Murray for their energy and support and encouraged them to return. 4) Hman presented a Pax his F3 shirt for his third post.

Praises/Prayers: 1) Praise for the Oliver Gospel Mission Program and It’s Staff 2) Prayer for OGM Pax in recent death of his father 3) Pray for employment 4) Pray for addiction help 5) Praise for F3 6) Praise for living another day 7) Praise for second chances 8) Praise for Box Wine’s healthy baby who has recently been brought home for first time from hospital after a lengthy stay.

BOM: By Spokes