• When: 2018-01-23
  • QIC: Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Heist, Corndog, Copay, Serena, Rosenbagger, TomTom, Jorts, Moneyball, Jar Jar

I think Frank Martin would be proud

Conditions: A blazing January inferno, plus some rain

Tha Thang: 9 gathered for what was promised to be a leg/core focused beatdown. Some #grumblechatter ensued for the first 10 minutes as there was the usual full-body warmup. After that, silence as YHC was true to his word.


Mosey to corner. Warmup with SSH, Merkins, LBACs, OHC. Indian Run 600m to Crabby Corner. Get cinder blocks.

Cusack Lunge Walk. Merkin on blocks x 20.

Mary to include BBSUs, Russian twist with blocks, side bends, Superman (variable timing). Indian Run to basketball court.

Squats on command, low and slow and fast.

Frank Martins 98 feet and back, R&R x 4 (lifted from Reynolds Hammer WOW) #crowdpleaser

Mosey to playground. Partner up, for combined 75 pullups and 125 deep squats. Indian Run to Crabby Corner. Merkins on command, slow and fast. Frank Martin to left field.

Mary, to include boxcutters IC, Alphabet (big capital Roman characters), windshield wipers IC, BBSUs, Superman, side bend with blocks.

Indian Run long way around to wall. Peoples Chair, then even lower, with OHC. To stairs.

Legion Corkscrews x 5 each side. (like a rolling Derkin)

Aiken Legs (20 squats, 20 box jump up stairs, 20 single-leg lung). Merkins to rest.

Bulgarian Split Squat, 10 each leg. Then boxjump up stairs. Indian Run to blocks.

Worlds Most Painful Snow Angel (abs balancing on blocks). BBSU x 20. Time check, oops! Take blocks back to Crabbies.

Jailbreak back to COT, 90 seconds over. SORRY NOT SORRY!

Total 2 miles covered, mostly in single-file Indian Run, some in defensive slide/secondary lead.

Announcements: GrowRuck school this Saturday morning. Bootcamp then breakfast. Friday night at Hunter-Gatherer 2nd F. Carolina Reaper signups. Working on creating something similar for Stumble, see KennyG if you have ideas.

Devo: The Wilderness. Come to Armory tomorrow for the full effect.