• When: 2018-01-23
  • QIC: Nails
  • The PAX: Roscoe, Spool, Pele, OBC, Big Time, Goose, Rip Cord, Neighbor, Nails

Tabata Tuesday @SCORE

Conditions: 60ish, breezy with some drizzle. Just another hot and humid morning in Columbia

9 Pax enjoyed the early winter thaw to #getbetter.

The Thang: Tabatas with a new twist. Instead of doing 1 exercise for 4 minutes in a 20 second exercise, 10 second rest sequence, we did a different exercise for each 20 second period:


Imperial Walkers

Merkins – with a discussion of name derivation



LBAC (alternating with Raise the Roof, Cherry pickers, etc)

Flutter Kicks


After each 4 minute set, run around big island in front of school (.3 miles x 5 = 1.5 miles)

Rinse and Repeat X 6


Kotters to Roscoe, Spool, Pele and Neighbor who showed up with the warm morning.