• When: 07/02/2015
  • QIC: Prenup
  • The PAX: Doublerub, Flop, Cousteau, Dean Wormer, Fife, OBC, Retread, one more (sorry, didn't write down)

Hushed morning for a Score VQ

9 PAX were probably much surprised to see YHC arrive on time for his VQ. Someone probably brought a backup winkie but got to keep it hidden. The goal was to keep moving and do a little extra in anticipation of backsliding during the upcoming holiday weekend and judging by the quiet PAX, maybe it worked out.

Conditions: 73, a little cloudy, dry, no breeze whatsoever (not even from Fog)

The Thang:
SSH x 25  IC
Little arm circles x 20 forward & back   IC
Mountain climbers x 20    IC

Grab bricks
Raise roof x 25  IC
Windmills x 20  IC
Flutter kicks with arms out holding bricks x 30  IC
Russian twists x 20  IC
Squats x 20  IC
LBCs x 20   IC

Exchange bricks for blocks and mosey to wall doing curls for girls along the way
Calf raises 2-feet, right foot, left foot x 20 each way   IC
4-way merkins 15 each way OYO – plank when done
Back to plank with some arm raises
Peoples chair 75 secs – blocks up and out

Mosey to benches
Dips x 20 OYO
Step ups x 20 each leg OYO
Leg lifts with blocks x 25  IC

Cusack to goal post
Chest press x 25 IC
Big boy situps using block x 25  IC
Drop blocks at goal line and mosey 30 yards down field
Partner up
Partner 1 suicide sprints to goal line – endzone celebration of 10 overhead presses
Partner 2 burpee AMRAPS
Switch places and reduce by 2 presses until finished
Mosey back to cage trying to do tricep extensions with blocks (nor sure if anyone was able at this point)
Kill <2 minutes with LBC x 25 IC with Brickpile joining in

Devo – Dean Wormer (was a good one today, but then again he’s a ringer)

Moleskin: Good workout by all; nice to hear some quiet groans. Mumblechatter at a minimum either due to BigTime and Fog’s absence or maybe just because there was not much time to recover today.

YHC bumped up his VQ to take Lesh’s Q as he travels to Chicago. Hopefully Lesh resisted selling his golden tickets for a suitcase full of cash and some magic beans.

2.0s tomorrow at 7:00
Convergence at Mission this Saturday at 8:00

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