• When: 01/13/13
  • QIC: Skipper
  • The PAX: Hound Dog, Code Red, Waffles, Clowney (fka Jason Brooks), Skipper

Hold on Loosely – .38 Special

5 motivated Airmen start the new year off right in the balmy Charleston gloom.

Flight Plan:

Warm-up Mosey to Hill Blvd corner

SSH x 38

‘Merican x 38

Mosey to rails next to gym

Dips x 38

Calf raises x 38

Mosey to track for 4 corners:

Squat x 38

LBC x 38

Backward run straightaway

Donkey kick x 38

Butt kickers around bend

‘Merican x 38

Low Flutter x 38

Sprint at 75% straightaway

Australian peel-back (squats with bear crawl)

6’s with pull-ups and ‘Mericans

Run 1 lap of track and then back to launch pad for Mary

Mason Twist x 38

Rosalita x 38

AF situp x 76 (‘merican if need break during situps)


1.  Just as FNG Brooks and YHC were ready to lauch (0530) three vehicles entered the parking lot. Waffles was last in line so he bought the Mx late. Not sure of the delay code, but Mr. Moore will not be happy.

2. Pax quickly realized all exercises would be done to 38 count in honor of YHC’s birthday. Just be glad I didn’t listen to Hound Dog who wanted to commemorate his idol’s 76th birthday. Though the spirit of Elvis did move me to throw in one 76 count on situps. 

3. Who knew YHC’s weight vest produced EMP energy?  As we started out around the flagpole all the street lights immediately went out. Waffles helped call the audible to head to the track and multiple lights around the track flickered as we passed…hmm.  If only there was a ghost hunter we could call?

4. T-Claps to FNG Jason Brooks for earning the name Clowney.  Today you gave the effort of the defensive end from your alma mater, though Waffles thought it appropriate for other reasons, “afro-circus, afro-circus, polka dot, polka dot, polka dot circus”.

5. I heard Code Red “forgot” his towel when showering at the gym. Thanks to Waffles and his truck full of horse blankets for saving the locker room from the Code Red air dry.

6. According to the F3 twitter account 532 men worked out at 25 locations in the name of F3 yesterday! #ironsharpeningiron



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