• When: 1/15/13
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • The PAX: Woody, Tonto, Sway, Tajh, Stent, Roscoe, Heist, Sled (WD), Chaser, Mel, Neighbor, Luke, Logo, Puddin', Dr. Phil, Mule, Heartbreaker, Kilowatt (FNG Paul Weiland), Crawlspace (FNG Roy Williamson), Termite (FNG Trevor Knox), Audit (FNG and WB Stuart Bailey), Regis (FNG Paul Gremillion), Padre, Robber. I might have missed one - stand up and be counted.

Climbing the Ladder in a Car is Cheating

Roscoe asked for the lead this morning in Columbia and led the 24 pax on a now familiar and crowd pleasing trek to climb Jacob’s Ladder. The pax created some excitement with the heavier-than-normal local traffic flow. Whose road is it, anyway?

Conditions: 66 degrees and partly cloudy

The Thang:

Logo’s Loop – Modified:
DHS/Daly/Devereaux/Adger/DHS — 15 Merkins at each right turn,

  • DETOUR: Left on Adger to Berkeley hill for Jacobs Ladder x7

15 extra Merkins upon return to Adger corner before completing loop.

Jog to upper field for COP:

LBC X 15
Mountain Climber X 15
Squat Jacks X 15
Row Boat X 12
Carolina Drydock X 12
Boat/Canoe X 3
Merkins X 12
Flutter Kicks X 12
Squat Jumps X 20

Lunge Walk x50 yards

Jog to Wall Street:
Balls to the Wall
Jump Squats x20
People’s Chair x:60


Ball of Man: Heartbreaker led prayer with added attention for Rikard Best. Roscoe informed the group that Rikard’s new goal is to finish his spring semester and graduate on time, with his class. We ask for continued prayers from F3Nation.


  • Epstein’s Mother to Mission and Noodle, Kotters to Tajh
  • Today was the 30th session in Columbia.
  • Abundant Dabos during Jacobs Ladder – this is why it’s better in a group. Personally, there is no way I would push myself alone like I do in the group. #LackOfPersonalDiscipline
  • Naming FNG’s is one of the best parts. With five FNGs today — the most since the first few sessions in October — we got some gems: Termite, Kilowatt, Regis, Crawlspace, and Audit. Welcome!
  • The record-breaking warm weather has been very nice, but all good things must end. Forecast for Thursday is rain and for Saturday is cold. #SuckItUp #Mailmen
  • Heavier than normal traffic this morning on the run. I particularly liked seeing a local trainer drive up the hill  through our 24 guys (who were there for free and in the middle of the Jacob’s Ladder) on her way to meet her paying clients. She even took time to roll down her window and talk some smack.
  • We are looking forward to Crotch Rocket, Dredd, OBT, and Moniteur arriving on Saturday, and rumor has it Spooky Joe might post here on Thursday.
  • Mule was anxious to point out that with the arrival of Audit (22), he was no longer the War Baby. Time will tell!
  • Well done today, Roscoe! We are developing a handful of guys willing and able to take the lead. Good stuff.

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