• When: 01/16/13
  • QIC: Cindy
  • The PAX: Cindy, Zip-A-Dee, Spurrier, Kaepernick (FNG – Kevin Hutton), Green Giant (FNG – Jason Foe), Mary (FNG - Cameron), One Direction (FNG - Gunnar), The Nippler (FNG - Kuiper)

F3 Greenville – The Swamp Rabbit Has Risen

AYE!!!!  In an awesome foggy wet gloom, a hole was dug in new territory and 8 Men came out to get F3 Greenville started in perfect fashion.


Quick introduction to cadences:  20x Side Straddle Hops, 20x Merkins

Mosey over to Main St:  20x Imperial Walkers, 20x Squats, 20x Mountain Climbers

Mosey down Main St to River:  6’s…6 Wall Jumps, 1 Dip.  5 Wall Jumps, 2 Dips.  Etc….

Some basic planking.

Jacob’s Ladder:  Sprint up and down stairs with 1 burpee at the bottom.  We went to 3.

Mosey back up Main St:  6 Minutes of Mary (MOM)…20x LBC, 20x Flutter, 20x Bicycles.

Finish back at the Bi-Lo Center parking deck:  Finish with 10 burpees…wait a second…5 more.

Circle of Trust (COT)

Spreadsheets from the Gloom:

Swamp Rabbit:  Without hesitation, the 4 G’Ville Men labeled their future Saturday workouts The Swamp Rabbit.  Without even knowing what that meant, YHC thought it was just perfect.  Come to find out it originates from the 14 miles of trails in Greenville that will for sure be utilized by The Nation in the coming days, months, years, centuries…

F3Windstream:  During a team dinner Tuesday night, Zip-A-Dee and YHC headlocked a couple Windstream boys to come out and enjoy the suck.  Not having any “workout” clothes, both Kaepernick (twin brother – I swear) and Green Giant were both sporting a fine selection of borrowed gear.  Pretty sure they were thinking twice about drinking those Long Island Ice Tea’s during Jacob’s Ladder.

The Name Game:  The G’Ville men provided YHC with excellent naming opportunities…One Direction’s real name is Gunnar.  First thought was everyone’s favorite boy band The Nelson’s.  To keep things modern, the Pax agreed upon One Direction.   The Nippler (Not related to the famous NIBBLER) got his name from an “issue” he has with bloody teats.  Mary’s real name is Cameron.  One of my favorite movies of all time came immediately to my mind staring the beautiful Cameron Diaz.  Plus, there is no way Cindy wasn’t giving out a chick name to help get a city started.


It was an honor men to get your feet wet both literally and figuratively this morning with what F3 is all about.  From just the 45 minutes we spent together, I can tell the sky is the limit for ya’ll.  With a good core group of Men like ya’ll and unlimited terrain to cover, I am 100% certain G’Ville will be a huge success.  Looking forward to the hard launch with Tiger Rag on 02/02/12.  Keep spreading the word and bring out all your lazy friends and family.  They will be forever grateful.  Good luck and if you ever have any questions, feel free to ping me at [email protected].  AYE!!!!!

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  1. AYE!!!! Well done to the PAX that came out for the soft launch of Team Greenville and many many more to come…. Strong showing boyz!

    -Z- was simply happy to be apart of it!

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