• When: 1/17/13
  • QIC: Tajh
  • The PAX: Audit, Chaser, Crawlspace, Heartbreaker, Heist, Logo, Mule, Neighbor, Noodle, Padre, Puddin', Regis, Robber, Romney, Roscoe, Sled, Spooks Chair, Stent, Sway, Tajh, Termite, Tonto, Spooky Jon, and Rosebud (FNG Jonathan Velez).

"You Only Get Wet Once" or "The Imaginary Girlfriend"

Tajh took the lead in the Columbia gloom this morning as 24 gathered at the shovel flag. He focused on doing each rep with good form and a slower cadence for a bigger range of motion.

Conditions: 62 degrees, overcast, light rain overnight

The Thang:

Warmup lap around school to upper field.

Diamond Merkins x10
LBC x15
IW x15
Peter Parker’s x7
Rosalita x10
Low Flutter x15

Run to Tennis Courts:
Ski Jumps x20
Suicide – every line, fence to fence
Merkins x10

Run to Sideline for sprints:
Sideline to sideline x4, after each sprint one set – Burpees x5, then CDD x10, Merkins x10, Chain of Man x25

COP – Mary:
Freddie x15
Aquaman x20
Russian Twist x15
Superman Crunch x10

Run to Hollywood Squares:
Dips x10
Ironman Crunch x10
Decline Merkins x 10

Wall Street:
People’s Chair x:60
Balls to the Wall
Jungle Bois x18



  • Welcome to Spooky Jon, posting here from Charlotte
  • We tried to come up with a workout to match the “Imaginary Girlfriend” theme without success. But the name — and the situation — were just too much to pass on without comment.
  • 24 is a new Thursday record for Columbia
  • Kotters to Noodle, Epsteins Mothers to Checker, Pothole, Mission, and Kilowatt
  • We’re looking forward to Saturday with Dredd and company coming to town. Should be a big crowd.

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