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Hill workout

When: 5/9/17

Conditions: High 50s, perfect

QIC: Big Worm

Pax: Big Worm, Biggie Smalls, Nard Dog


Mosey twice around Blatt field for a warm up. Then arm circles, overhead claps, and 20 merkins.

Mosey once around the Blatt Field, then two minutes AMRAP big boy sit-ups.

Then the following ladder: 5 (10), 4 (10), 3 (10), 2 (10), 1 (10). Pull-ups, then mosey up Sumter to Wheat and 10 merkins.

Once finished, two minute AMRAP big boy set ups.

Then, do the same ladder, except do 5 burpees at Wheat Street. After the last round, YHC and the Pax moseyed up to Blossom and did 8 more burpees.

Mosey back down Sumter to Blatt, then two laps around the field. 2 Minutes AMRAP sit-ups to close things out.



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