• When: 2017-11-04
  • QIC: Rhonda and Cesspool
  • The PAX: McLovin, Rosenbagger, Adrian, Eldric, Billy Bob, Hawg, Misfire, Fountainhead

High Intensity #BATTLE!

10 Men posted at #BATTLE for some work.  Work they got!

Conditions:  Overcast and 55.  Perfect

YHC began by running to the brickpile and each PAX was to grab 2 pavers and set them off to the side.  We’ll get to them soon enough.

Run to the Circle of Death for a little warm up.


20 Merkins IC

20 LBC’s IC

20 Squats IC

Run to the Battle Loop for instructions.  All PAX will complete these exercises all over campus and when done, Do it again, and again, and again until time is called.

5 Pull Ups, 10 Burpees at the Circle of Death, 20 Curl Presses (with bricks that are out), 30 Merkins at the Tennis courts, 40 Squats at the dumpster at the back of the school, 50 SSH at the pad on the Battle Loop.  Everyone ended at the Tennis courts after the 30 merkins and about 4ish loops.  No breaks on this one…Oh yeah, here comes Rhonda!

Run to the Football field.  Line up on the sideline.

1. Hold plank, each person runs from sideline to sideline as Rhonda timed it.  Then all PAX did the total amount of burpees equal to time it took in seconds.

2. Each person then did 20 mercans and then broad-jump front-rolled across the field.  This was the most ridiculously hilarious thing you’ve ever witnessed.  We all thought Adrian was athletically inclined until he was asked to do a front roll.  WOW!  Afterwards he offered free tutoring for anyone who struggled.  Thanks for your generosity.

3. Line up on the goal line.  Sprint to the 5.  5 Jump Squats.  Bear Crawl Back to the Goal line.  Sprint to the 10.  10 Jump Squats.  Bear Crawl back to the Goal Line.  Repeat at each 5 yard line to the 25.  For 30-40, we switched to LBCs instead of jump squats which was an excellent call.

4. Break out the Prowlers!  These are becoming a staple each and every Saturday and they will destroy you.  Two teams of 5 for Indian Run with the Prowlers up and down the field switching every 30 yds. This was repeated with everyone going at least 30 yds each time they pushed.  (240 yds each time).

Run back to the Flag.  Everyone was exhausted.

BOM:  Cesspool


  1.  Mission taking up Mac and Cheese for Thanksgiving.
  2. Palmetto Place kids to the USC vs. VT basketball game and reminder about the weekly workout with the kids Sundays at 1600 hours.
  3. Nov. 11 is John Flannigan (Cheech) Race.