• When: 2019-09-24
  • QIC: HeeHaw
  • The PAX: Chewy, Bone Saw, Pondo, Teddy, Silver Bullet, Odyssey, Bloodwork, Sidesaddle, Ash, HeeHaw

HeeHaw’s Own Burn Bootcamp

The Thang:

Disclaimer from HeeHaw including a warning that he adapted and modified the upcoming workout from a Burn Bootcamp that was keeping him sore 3 days later.

Warm-up – SSH x20 in cadence, through the tunnel x20 in cadence *with proper form demonstrated by HeeHaw

Mosey to smaller bus loop on Galway Ln.

Rotation of exercises:

  • Jump lunge squats (one left leg lunge, jump into one right leg lunge, jump to one regular squat)
  • Heel-tap crunches
  • Clerkins (clap merkins)
  • Russian twists
  • HeeHaw’s Hop Scotch Squats (squat, “hop scotch” jump twice forward making a rectangle, squat, “hop scotch” jump backwards to start, repeat)

Here’s the deal … HeeHaw had the PAX complete each exercise above for 45 seconds, followed by a mosey around the bus loop. Round 2 consisted of completing each exercise for 1 minute, followed by a mosey around the bus loop. Round 3…1 minute 15 seconds. Round 4 shifted back down the pyramid to 1 minute. After Round 4 the PAX made their way back to the flag for COT. Plenty of mumble chatter from the group this morning as they climbed the pyramid.

Announcements: Q School (9/28) and F3 Columbia Anniversary (10/19) discussed with HeeHaw speaking about the importance of attending Q School.

IronPax Challenge Week 4 to be completed this Thursday (9/26) at Woodshed with Legion visiting.

Kotters to a few Woodshed PAX, including Bloodwork, Sidesaddle and HeeHaw himself!