• When: 2019-09-24
  • QIC: Trampstamp
  • The PAX: Hostel, Coppertone, Blart, Fools Gold, STH, Darla, Laettner, Roommate, Phonebooth, Soft...toss, Pothole, Lunchable, Chubbs, Moose...knuckle, Whitney, Buddy Love, Lumbergh

A VQ three years in the making

After 3 years of ‘enjoying’ this thing called F3 I figured I’d give leading a workout a try.  18 pax came out to wish me well


70 degrees and pleasant

Disclaimer given and the pax were instructed to circle up


Through the tunnel x10 IC

Little arm circles x 13 forward and 13 reverse IC

The Thang:

Partner up. Partner one grab a block and head to the upper soccer field. Partner 2 takes lap around the gravel parking lot and meet at sideline of soccer field.

Now the real fun started. YHC decided to use a pre-fab workout and decided we would drop some BOMBS at Depot.  Partner would perform the called exercise while partner two ran across the field and back:

B-Burpees x 100- crowd pleaser

O-Overhead press x 200

M-Merkins x 300 ( audible to 250 I believe)

B-Bench press x 350 (audible to 250)

S-Squats x 300 ( I believe we did all of these)

Return the block and head to parking lot for Mary



Freddie Mercury’s


Recover Recover to shovel flag


District 5 can still use mentors. Contact district office. A lot of kids need positive role models, you can make a difference

Prayer Request

Roommates sister