• When: 02/14/17
  • QIC: Hee-Haw
  • The PAX: Boo Boo, Sorry, Heidi, Chop Shop, Pinkman, Collar, Blowout, Wall-E, Duckie, McNugget, RA, Billy Bob

Heart Healthy Happenings at Hammer

For Valentine’s Day, YHC decided to dish out a cardio-heavy, heart rate blasting beat down for the 13 Hammer pax that decided to show up. Nothing but love for the pax. Here’s what you missed.

Conditions: Pretty good

The Thang:


Straight line it to the Pavers. Grab two.

Mosey through the woods, across the baseball field, through a gate, and to the Bus pick-up line.

Circle Up:

20 Pistons IC (alternating overhead press) with Pavers
10 Squat Walkers IC (no Pavers)
10 Spider Jumps OYO
10 Alternating Mercan Rows IC (with Pavers)

Mosey to the parking lot. Circle back up.

The next portion of the workout was shamelessly borrowed from a program called Metashred 21. Specifically, the “Core Carving Complex.” Here’s a link to a Youtube video of it: Core Carving Complex

Essentially, the pax had 5 rounds of the following, using just one Paver:

20 1 arm Thrusters (left)
20 1 arm Thrusters (right)
20 Lawnmower Pulls (left)
20 Lawnmower Pulls (right)
20 1 arm Overhead Situps (left)
20 1 arm Overhead Situps (right)

Sprint around the parking lot, and then hold 6 inches until the 6 arrives

Rinse and Repeat x 5 (so 100 reps of each exercise total)

Then, line up at the parking spaces. Spider Jump ladder.

Sprint to line one, 1 Spider Jump, Lunge walk back
Sprint to line two, 2 Spider Jumps, Lunge walk back
Sprint to line three, 3 Spider Jumps, Lunge walk back
Sprint to line four, 4 Spider Jumps, Lunge walk back
Sprint to line five, 5 Spider Jumps, Lunge walk back

Grab your Pavers and single file back to the Paver pile. Monkey-see-Monkey-do.


BOM – Hee-Haw


This was one of them that you had to see in color. It was low 40’s high 30’s the entire workout, but guys were dripping sweat and working to catch their breath. Great effort by the Hammer pax.


MudRun quickly approaching
Palmetto 200 here is basically here. The Scramble Team is looking for one…if you’re interested
Other stuff

That’s all…for now

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