• When: 2019-02-12
  • QIC: Duckie
  • The PAX: RA, Garnish, BooBoo, Eldrich, Detour, Flo, Zima, Splinter, Wally, Cabana Boy, Billy Bob, Misfire, Stretch

Happy Foggy Funtime

Conditions: 50s and Gloomy

Well another flawless Q by YHC! Ignore that YHC had to make a quick trip back to for the shovel flag… still managed to start mostly on time. It was super foggy out today, so great job by everyone looking out for each other in the Gloom.

The Thang


Head to playground 3 sets of 10 X pullups, 10 X iron cross.

Run to parking lot for Paula Abdul… 🎤♫♫ 2 steps forward, 1 step back… ♫♫ run 2 parking spaces, run back 1 space, 5 burpees, repeat until we ran out of room (Q called an audible on the original plan of climbing the burpee ladder, bad choices were made.)

Run to first streetlight, 10 X dive-bomb merkins, 10/40 X Capt. Thors.
Run to next streetlight, rinse and repeat.
Run to bottom of Ravenwood, 10 X alligator merkins, 10 v-ups.

Modified Dora 1-2-3, 100 X Groiners, 200 X BBS, 300 squats.
(Once again Q called an audible and put the kibosh on the squats as time was running low.)

Head back to COT stopping occasionally for 10 X merkins, 20 X squats.

COT and BOM by YHC.


Look for a Spring Convergence opportunity to be announced in the near future.