• When: 2018-01-23
  • QIC: McNugget
  • The PAX: Wally, Billy Bob, Collar, RA, Garnish, Misfire, Gaston, Pinkman, FNG-Justin Novello (Crayola), McNugget

Hammer Gets Manhandled

Conditions: 65 and amazing (little windy and maybe a few drops of rain)

When YHC shows up to Q most pax know what to expect.  There was a lot of illegal pax on pax contact, a little rolling around in the clay, and a lot of fun.

The Thang:

20 Burpees OYO right out the gate

Grab blocks and head to YHC’s favorite, the baseball field

Circle up for a Block-o-Rama.  All with blocks.  Emphasis on slow, proper reps.  Most reps were 3 seconds up and one second down

10 Curls

15 Squats

15 Bent over rows

10 lunges (5 each leg)

Rinse and repeat for a total of 3 sets.  Needless to say, it burned!

Leave blocks in centerfield and line up behind second base in single file plank position:

Bear Crawl Inch Worm- Kinda like an Indian run with bear crawls instead.  The pax made it all the way past home plate from second base.

Partner Up and start at home plate:

Wheelbarrow to first base- 10 squerkins at first base (pax holding feet 10 squats, pax with feet being held 10 derkins)

Switch partners and Wheelbarrow to second base (10 squerkins each)

Switch partners- Partner Carry to third base (partner one put feet on back of partner two, partner one 10 derkins, when done partner two 10 merkins with feet on back for added weight)

Switch partners partner carry to home plate (partners switch roles for 10 derkins and 10 weighted merkins)

Partner Wall sits- basically lean back to back with  your partner and hold until Collar got tired.  About 60 seconds.

Team Merkins- Hammer has tried this a few times and it never seems to go smoothly.  The pax executed four decent merkins, but can do better.  The pax line up single file in a merkin or high plank position.  Tighten up the pax until each pax (other than the last pax in line) has his feet on the next pax’s shoulders.  Once in the proper position, the merkins begin on YHC’s cadence.   Next time we’ll shoot for 10.

Finish off with Tunnel of Love.  This was exceptionally fun because the pax got a little dirt on their clothes.  We rolled through the damp clay from home plate out past second base.  A little moaning and groaning, but it wasn’t too bad.

Grab blocks at head back to COT



Growruck/Growschool next Saturday, 1/27

Welcome FNG- Justin Novello aka Crayola

BOM- McNugget