• When: 2018-05-15
  • QIC: Eldrick and McNugget
  • The PAX: Misfire, Pinkman, Collar, Garnish, Billy Bob, Flo, Boo Boo, Wally, Chop Shop, Splinter, Duckie, Stretch, Eldrick, McNugget

#Hammer “Dueling” Block Party

McNugget and Eldrick went with a Co Q instead of a dueling Q. It was decided we would work together to push the rock. Nothing like a Tiger and a Gamecock working in completely harmony.  Work was done.

Conditions: Hot and humid

The Thang:

Grab blocks and get ready for a block party around Forest Acres. McNugget was in charge of leading the pax on a path around the hood. While walking and/or moseying, he made the pax do different exercises.  Exercises consisted of overhead press, more than a few farmer carries, curls, lunges, etc.  About every 200 yards the pax would stop and Eldrick would take over.  The pax circled up and executed various exercises at so-called “pain stations.” If a block touched the ground, every pax had to do 5 burpees. In all every pax ended up doing about 50 burpees. Eldrick’s exercises consisted of curls, squats, lunges, triceps extensions, decline merkins around the clock, chest presses, kettle bell swings, and rows. It was awful and awesome at the same time.

The Q’s were feeling very patriotic as we headed down Oakhill Rd towards Landrum.  There happened to be an American Flag hoisted atop a pole in a neighbor’s yard along our path.  The pax took a short break and executed the perfect Pledge of Allegiance.  This added a nice touch.

Headed back to COT to finish up.

BOM- McNugget


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