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Governor’s Cup Half Marathon Training – 13.1 Mile Pre-Blast – 10/25-10/27

With the training nearly complete, our final long run is this weekend before the race itself in two weeks.  It’s time to put all the pieces together.  If you’ve been doing the miles, the route is a known quantity.  If you’ve been keeping up, this is just one more mile tacked on to last week.  But there’s always something special about that final step.  One more big run to prove you’re ready.  Get there.

Conditions… will be cold… for a mile or two.

The Thang:

Short and sweet…  this is the Governors Cup route.  13.1 miles from the corner of Gervais and Main to where Sumter crosses Pendleton just beyond the USC Horseshoe.  The map below is ours but I encourage you to go back to the Governors Cup Race web site as they’ve added several new maps to their site.  Several printable versions show turn by turn directions if you aren’t already sure of the path.  We also have this route mapped on MapMyRun.com so if you want those directions, here you go.


There are several options for getting this done.  First, tomorrow, Friday the 25th, a group of guys will meet at 5:30 AM to do this course before work.  Traitor has offered his office’s shower to anyone staying downtown and needing a rinse before punching the clock.  We’ll park near Trinity Cathedral around 5:15 and wander over to the starting line in time to head out promptly at 5:30.

Second, there is a group doing the route as a #CSAUP before the anniversary convergence Saturday morning down at Finlay Park.  This group will make similar parking arrangements but leave from the starting line at 5:00 AM on Saturday the 26th in order to be back downtown and ready for the 7:00 AM convergence.  Contact Chaser or Subprime if you’re interested.

Third…?  A man or two have indicated the need to get this done Sunday or at some other times.  I encourage you guys to team up AND to let Chaser and me know when you plan on running it.  We can help with the water station if we know your plan.  Feel free to leave a comment below to that effect or tweet it for the masses.

If you’re going to run over the weekend and not tomorrow, Amble will still meet at KBC as usual on a Friday with Subprime taking the Q.

Water is a must.  In spite of the cool weather, stay hydrated in general and, yes, we’ll have a water station.  Chaser’s house is conveniently the halfway point and so he’ll place his white cooler beside his driveway (corner of Heath Hill and Shady Lane) with water bottles available to all.

Last a reminder to all:  LSD (Long Slow Distance).  The purpose of this run is to prove you can get it done.  Push it too hard and you risk undue fatigue (even two weeks out) or worse, injury.  figure out your pace over the next few Wednesdays and save race day for race day.



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  1. I am in the Third group above. If anyone else is interested, I am planning to run the route on Sunday morning at 6:00. Meet near Trinity at 5:45 or so and start right at 6:00.

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