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Gordon Gekko's Internet Access

Robber here. Posting for Roscoe as the bank doesn’t allow him unbridled access to the Interwebs. Last time they had access, the entire global financial system had a meltdown… You remember 2008, right?

IT was a spirited workout by Roscoe this morning. By the end of it, the general consensus was they everyone was completely thrashed. I was actually smoked after round 3 of burpee suicides, but managed to hang in there so I didn’t look like a wuss in front of my little brother.

Here’s what Roscoe put us through

Conditions: 59 degrees. Perfect workout weather!

The Thang:

Student Parking Lot:
SSH x 25 (4ct)
Merkins x 20 (4 ct)
Jump Squats x 10
Mtn Climbers x 20 (4ct)
Jump Squats x 10
Merkins x 20 (4 ct)
Jump Squats x 10

Line Up On Curb in Student Parking Lot:
Suicides: First line, second light, end of parking lot curb
Then: Burpees x 10, Merkins x 15, Sit ups x 20
Rinse & Repeat 3 times
Crowd Pleaser!

Lap Around School 1.5 times to Hollywood Squares:
Dips x 15 (4ct)
Decline Merkins x 12 (4 ct)
Box Jumps x 10 oyo
Super Man Crunch x 20 (4ct)
Box Jumps x 10 oyo

Run to Brickpile:
Block Curls x 18 (4ct)
Bend Over Rows x 20 (4ct)
Iron Cross with Block x 25
Raise the Roof x 10 Merkins then bricks down to 1 (another crowd pleaser)
Sit-ups x 30

BOM: Led By Roscoe. Special prayers to Robber and Small Mouth’s Mom as she battles liver cancer.

* Roscoe asked for all F3ers to come out to Dean Wormer’s (aka Dean Tim Jones @ Trinity) Men’s Bible Study. Monday’s at Noon at Trinity. $10 for lunch and great discussion. Many F3 folks were there yesterday. Please let Roscoe or Dean Wormer know if you have questions.

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