• When: 2018-11-08
  • QIC: Snapchat and Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Heist, TomTom, Eurowax, Serena, Enterprise, Jar Jar, Snapchat

Getting to Know All Our Eponyms

Posted on behalf of Snapchat

Conditions: Wet pavement with puddles, but otherwise perfect

Tha Thang:

Guess who stepped up to the plate (or maybe more accurately, was voluntold) after less than a dozen posts for his VQ? Twitterless Snapchat led 2/3rds of the following through a bruiser of bodyweight exercises, with an assist from YHC. A peruse through the Exicon on F3nation.com led to some rather interesting named exercises, plus the return of a Legion favorite. Here’s his words (well, the precise ones…the rather half-remembered fuzzy ones and missing ones are YHC’s):

Good Morning and welcome to F3

This is a free, volunteer, peer led workout. I am not a professional. I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness conditions you may have. It is your responsibility to be safe and modify the workout as necessary. We all do it. The most important thing is that you don’t get hurt.


Mosey out of Parking Lot

Warm Up COP – A whole lot of each of them, with VOLUME!

C -Wind Mill – Upper Body & Arms

C -Imperial Walkers – Lower Body

C –Raise the Roof – Triceps & Shoulders

C -Side Straddle Hop – Arms & Legs


Mosey  to corner. More LBAC’s, OHC, RTR’s.

Russian Twists

Windshield Wipers

Iron cross. Mosey to Basket Ball Courts

Part 1

O -Bear Crawl width of Court and back – Arms

C -Little Baby Crunches – Core

C –Worst Merican Ever – Arms & Full Body

C –Flutter Kicks – Legs. Now its time to feel real old.

Turk N Burps. Using only one arm at a time, on your back, to your feet, to your stomach, back up, and jump. Repeat x 10. #crowdpleaser

Mosey to The General

Part 2

O – Lunge x4, Merican x5, run back down and plank

Walk Like an Egyptian- Basically a lunge-walk Indian Run but holding each step in the down position.

Mosey to Tennis Courts

C –Mountain Climbers

C – Dolly

O -Clowney – 4x Jumping Lunges, 4 Merkins (repeat 7)

O -Aggasis – half court suicide drills x8, air chair

Welcome Back Sally! Bring her up, bring her down squats.

V-ups at some point

Mosey to corner

C -Freddie Mercury – Bicycle Sit-up

C –Bat Wings 20x Forward Arm, HOLD, 20x Backward Arm, HOLD, 20x Seal Claps, HOLD, 20x Overhead Claps

C –Crab Cakes – Raise Right Hand and Left Leg, Touch Right Hand to Left Knee, alternate #goofy

C –Iron Crosses

Thunderstruck- Like Sally, but with up-Merkins on every “thunder” and hold the down position. Quite hard, modified into plank work.

Mosey to parking lot. Finish with 1-legged Up Saddle Hops


Announcements: Get your mac n cheese in. Cheech 10K this weekend. Prayers for Serena’s 2.0.


Devo: 1Cor 3:9, Prov 3:5-6. We are laborers for God, using our judgement and acting, but leaning on Him, not our own understanding.