• When: 2021-04-27
  • QIC: Side Salad and Silent Bob
  • The PAX: Jar Jar, Silver Bullet, Teddy, Ash, Belle, Minion, Pipeline, Froyo, Side Salad, Silent Bob

Full-on Double VQ Super Pink Moon All the Way Across the Sky

Excitement was in the air along with a super pink moon and even Silver Bullet arrived early for this Co-VQ double feature. The weather was clear and a perfect 54 degrees. While the PAX were filled with anticipation, the Qs were admittedly not at their best with one Q feeling slightly feverish after receiving Moderna 2: The Sequel less than 24 hours earlier and the other Q arriving midway through the warmup after enjoying a few extra minutes in the fartsack.

The Thang:

Warmup – Vaccine-hangover-Q led the PAX through a warmup of Side Salad Hops x25, Imperial Walkers x26, Grasspickers x25 (clap required), and Arm Circles (forward, backward, overhead clap, and raise the roof) x10 each before a very short Mosey to the circle.

Phase 2 – Q-who-was-late directed the PAX to complete 5 laps around the circle (roughly a mile) pausing between each lap for Merkins x20, Squats x20, and LBCs x20 for a total of 100 reps each.

6MoM – With the PAX completing Phase 2 in record time, Vaccine-hangover-Q took the opportunity to halt all running activity and fill the final 20 minutes with 6 minutes of Mary. After Air Chair and a series of plank variations, the PAX completed Hello Dolly x20, Flutter Kicks x20, Russian Twists x20, and Calf Raises x50 before attempting to do Silent Bob Hops x25 with a synchronized clap at the end. Both being silent and counting proved too much to handle and 10 Burpees were doled out to all as a penalty.

Another round of Hello Dolly x25, Flutter Kicks x25, Russian Twists x25, and Calf Raises x50 set up a second attempt at Silent Bob Hops with modifications this time to make it more achievable. Regrettably, the PAX were unsuccessful once more as the Vaccine-hangover-Q failed to count silently and stop at the proper time. 15 Burpees. 30 LBCs filled up the final minute before CoT.

CoT – The Mumble Chatter was consistent throughout, but Silver Bullet left the VQs with some encouragement: “We tease because.” Stumble Runvergence is Friday (bring canned goods or a $5 donation!) and the Midlands Combine is also being held this Saturday (https://www.midlandscombine.org/) to benefit Transitions of Columbia. Friday 1200 3rd F lunch at Rockaways, HC via Groupme prior.

Devo – A reminder of this year’s theme – Servant Leadership – with the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet in John 13: “I have given you an example to follow.”

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