• When: 2018-10-13
  • QIC: Splinter/Billy Bob
  • The PAX: Cesspool, Staccatto, Hustler, McNugget, Gaston, Omaha, Hawg, Splinter, Billy Bob

Field of Dreams?

Maybe Field of Nightmares is more appropriate. As of this writing, YHC is still sore from this most recent unpleasantness! Here’s what went down…

Conditions: Football Weather!

The Thang

Splinter up first with a Tabata from hell

Mosey to the football field and get a lap.

  • 5 Tabata Rounds of Merkins then sprint to the 50 and back, then to the 100 and back.
  • 5 Tabata Rounds of squats then full field sprint and back.
  • 5 Tabata Rounds of Heel Tap Crunches then run 1 lap around field.
  • 4 Tabata Rounds of Right Leg Lunges, Left Leg Lunges then Hash Mark Suicide Sprints.
  • 2 more Tabata Rounds of each previous exercise: Merkins, Squats, Heel Tap Crunches, Lunges.

Hand off Q to Billy Bob

Immediately mosey to opposite end of field and move the 5 man sled onto the field. Scrap that idea when it becomes apparent that either the sled has been cemented to the turf or the 9 PAX are simply too smoked to move it in a timeframe that doesn’t use up the remaining 30 minutes of the workout. No problem, YHC has a back-up plan. PAX move the 2 prowlers, each loaded with 70lbs of weight, to the goal line.

  • Battle Indian Run – Take off running around the field. Last PAX in line sprints to front, then back pedals to end of line, then sprints back to the front. Instructions are given for the line to move at a brisk pace as opposed to a regular slow mosey because this isn’t Dawn Strike or Spur or ScorePile, it’s Battle. Run continues around the field until each PAX cycles through twice.
  • Prowler Run – Split into 2 teams. Each PAX pushes the Prowler at least 20 yards then sprints to the end zone for 5 big boy sit-ups. The trailing PAX picks up pushing the prowler then sprints to the end zone for 5 BBS so the sled is in continuous motion. Push position on the Prowler alternated from high position to low position during end zone transition. Rinse/Repeat for 600 yards.


  • Body Builders OYO x 30 (Crowdpleaser)
  • Hustler led flutter kicks IC x 30
  • WWII sit-ups IC x 30
  • Wheelbarrow Plank Curls: Partner up in wheelbarrow position. Partner 1 holds Partner 2’s legs. Partner 2 plank walks 10 yards, does 10 Derkins then Partner 1 does 10 curls. Flap Jack/Rinse/Repeat. This went on for about 50 yards until time expired.

Return to Flag for COT/BOM: Prayer by YHC


  • F3 Columbia 6 year Anniversary is on 10/20 at Brickpile. 7am. Be there!
  • Big welcome to Omaha. He’s from Manning (AKA Swampskeg) and is now enrolled in pharmacy school at USC.

Moleskin: The work did the work. The PAX got to “recover” during run periods. 2.3 miles covered while confined to a synthetic turf field of dreams. This is Battle. Come get some if you really want to get better. The soreness may linger for days but that’s just a reminder that you are setting yourself up to Dominate Life!