• When: 2018-07-12
  • QIC: Cheesy
  • The PAX: Hustler; Ringer; Termite; Dusty; Roscoe; Moon River; Nap; Cheesy

Field Day at BrickPile

Conditions:  80 (already) and humid; BUT nice breeze on field

The Thang:

COP for warm up

25 SSH

20 IW


Mosey back to get blocks

On back practice field partner up.  Partner 1 goes length of field and faces partner 2.  Both Partners preform called exercise 20 times then leave block and switch places 3 times.  Continue with verbal calls on different exercises until told differently.

Curls 20x20x20

Goblet Squat 20x20x20

Overhead Press 20x20x20

Big Boy Sups 20x20x20

Chest Press 20x20x20

Flutters 20x20x20

Over 1.5 miles of back and forth sprints on the field

Partner 2 retrieve blocks from far side and bring back for another round without the running of each exercise at 15 reps.

Put up blocks

Great Wall- Peoples Chair 90 sec

20 Flutters

20 Hello Dolly

20 Chaser LBC

20 Rosilita

Back on wall 90 sec

Hollywood Squares 2 sets of 10 each Incline Merk/ Decline Merk/ Dips

Flutters until SCORE train arrives


BOM – Closed out by YHC


  • The funeral for Jack Fleischer is Saturday morning, 11:00, at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.  You’re encouraged to wear red, white, and blue and if you have a shovel flag, please bring it.
  • The Mission is holding their annual Pine Island Club cookout Friday, August 3rd.  Please consider attending this awesome event.
  • Exciting things are on the horizon for Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter.  Perhaps this is your calling for some 3rdF.  Termite & Biggie Smalls will communicate details twitter F3PalmettoPlace