• When: 01/31/15
  • QIC: Kim Jong
  • The PAX: Lodi-Dodi-Everybody!

F3Columbia, lake murray, lexington to converge at the Movies: American Sniper

fellas, the theater has been gracious enough to give us another shot at filling up the theater.  American Sniper saturday morning 1/31. the manager, Steve, has been a good friend to F3, and even though we had low turnout for Unbroken, he’s agreed to let us have a screening of American Sniper.  I told him we’d have at least 70 this time, if we don’t have that kind of number by tuesday, he’s gonna have to pull it.  It’s just not economically viable for him to staff up that early, if we can’t and won’t show up.  so, 1 more try at this.

Saturday, 1/31 following your morning workout (downtown or lakeside) mosey post haste over to dutch square theater, for a private F3 screening (family and friends are welcome, this one is pretty adult, though) of American Sniper.


c’mon with it. showtime is 845 am


HC in the comments below. help us get to 70 and also thank Steve for his willingness to work with us.  $6 to see an oscar caliber flick in a private theater is pretty freakin good deal.  so come on out!



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  1. Malfunction Junction

    HC one more, Candyheart. It’ll actually be his second appearance at an F3 event. I took him to the Bull as an FNG. My bad.

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