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F3 Columbia #Vacation Sweat-fest

5 F3 Columbia pax gathered at the Litchfield Beach family beach house of Adrian at 8am on a nice 73 degree morning for a Sweat-fest led by Chaser. Not exactly the #gloom. They were joined by a F3 Davidson brother and his 2.0 about halfway through the workout and the recognition by a fellow F3 brother gave the pax a needed boost of motivation.

Conditions: 73 degrees, 74% humidity

The Thang: 2 mile out and back on South Litchfield with 8 #PainStations with timed AMRAP (as many reps as possible) exercises.

Stop A:
30 sec Merkins
30 sec Chaser LBCs
30 sec Merkins
60 sec Low Plank

Stop B:
30 sec Iron Cross
30 sec Russian twists
30 sec Iron Twist
60 sec Low Plank

Alternate A & B through the 8 stops for 4 of each. Last stop do 120 seconds low plank.


– This workout was one day after Fountainhead, Chaser and Seeker put in 7 miles on Pawley’s Island.

– As the 5 Columbia Pax low planked at their second stop they were passed by a guy and what appeared to be his son out on a run. As the pax rose to begin running again and said hello the guy said “F3?”. The Pax were stunned as no one had on any F3 gear. A brief conversation ensued as the guy continued his run and the pax gathered he was from F3 Davidson. A short time later they rejoined the Pax for their last 3 Pain Stations. The Pax learned that this “guy” was F3 P.Diddy from Davidson and has been posting there for a year. Guy is in great shape and his 15 year old 2.0 had little trouble with the pain stations either. We also passed their 15 pound dumbbells that they were using for weighted burpee pain stations during their run. #F3strong P.Diddy said he knew we were F3 “Because 5 guys were randomly planking in the street”. #F3crazy

-The group got a little 2nd F at Litchfield Restaurant following the workout. #Omelette

0 thoughts on “F3 Columbia #Vacation Sweat-fest”

  1. Thanks Chaser and all the Columbia vacation faithful. My son Davis and I needed that extra motivation an F3 group will give you. Thanks for welcoming us in. You have a strong group there and I hope to get to Columbia sometime for a workout. Any time you are near Davidson, make sure to join us in the gloom.

    1. Yesterday’s occurrence was a great example of F3’s strength and reach. Come on down anytime for a workout and we’ll do the same if we’re up there. We’ll even let you Q…if you promise to leave the 15 pound dumbbell burpees in Charlotte! Are you on twitter? @pjasonreynolds here.

      1. Not on twitter-cannot get the site on my corp. devices! To Dredd’s point below, maybe we should set up a Vacation tab on the site. Create a summer forum so pax can see where others are on vacation and plan workouts together.

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