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F3 Brick Pile Boot Camp

A band of 30 pax gathered in the gloom for a Double-Q by Small Mouth and Drive By. After risking waking the neighbors on Adger and Devereaux with exuberant cadence calling, it was time to knock out some fun on the hills on Berkley and Adger. The second Indian run of the morning brought out the best in many folks, especially Cheesy, with his speed being tempered only by an errant parked car. Mission slowed the field to a more reasonable pace after Drive By called him a good speed bump. With many of the reps inspired in celebration of the 29th of the month, both Small Mouth and Drive By were glad to have been able to lead today’s boot camp.

Weather: 54 degrees & clear


The Thang:

Indian run from parking lot to corner of Adger & Devereaux (down Daly to Devereaux)

Side Straddle Hops x 29

Merkins x 15

Carolina Dry Docks x 15

Squats x 29

Butt Kicks x 29

Run to corner of Adger & Berkley

LBCs x 29

Plank (high & low)

Break into pairs

Run down hill

Decline Merkins x 9

Up the hill/backwards

Down the hill

Russian Twists x 29

Up the hill/backwards

Merkins x 10

Down the hill/Up the hill x 2

Burpees x 10 each trip

Down the hill/Up the hill

Burpees x 9

Indian run to Dreher field


Sprints 100 yard x 2

Jog 50 yards x 2

Burpees x 10

Iron Crosses x 29

Community Chair

Squats x 29


BOM: Led by Drive By

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