• When: 12/10/15
  • QIC: Silver Bullet
  • The PAX: Pipeline, Chewie, Rosenbagger, Teddy, On Ramp, Fro Yo, Backdraft, Hee Haw, Backhoe, Belding, Holy Poker, Crack, Odyssey, Showgirl, Pondo

Easy as two decks of cards

Today I decided to borrow some exercises from the F3 website list.  Some were not new to the Woodshed, but now we know the names.  The web site was a good resource.  By my count, there are currently 308 different exercises to chose from.  I picked only a few.

Sixteen braved the gloom for The Thang:

Start with a warm up lap around the circus and back to the side of the school.  Side Straddle Hop (25).  Arm circles (fwd & back 20 each). With arms held up, Butt Kicks (20).  Dips on the playground surround (25 oyo).  Plank exercises.

Hop to COT to pick up two decks of unopened cards, then to the field next to the bridge and the baseball diamond.  (FYI–the F3 name for this is the Deck of Death.)  One deck of cards is placed on either side of the small field.  If numbers 2 through 9 are drawn, then do that number of 4-count sets of the following: Diamonds–Low Country Crab; Clubs–Plank Jacks; Hearts–LBCs; and Spades–Jumb Squats.  For any 10, face card, or A: 4 burpies. The transition between the decks was either: bear crawl (in one of the directions), lunge walk, or karaoke.

With one deck, we ended up doing the following over the 35 minute time limit: 8 jump squats; 9 low country crab; 7 LBCs; 7 plank jacks; 5 LBCs; 9 low country crabs; 6 plank jacks; 9 LBCs; 8 plank jacks; 6 spades; 5 low country crabs; 7 plank jacks; 5 jump squats; and 9 plank jacks.

The second deck miraculously only revealed 10s through Aces, for a combined 52 burpies.

Then finishing up with some ab work.  ABCs (Look this one up–spell the alphabet with leg lifts. Chose either block or cursive.)  And finally, Captain Thor (one of my new favorites)–do ratio of 1:4 sit ups and Russian/Freedom/Whatever twists–starting at 1 and 4 and ending at 10 sit ups and 40 twists.

Back to COT.


2nd F – Fellowship
The F3 Holiday Party is scheduled for 12/15 at Kings Grant.  Boris promises to make this a wonderful cap on the year, so make sure to clear your calendar for this holiday extravaganza!  M’s and 2.0’s are all invited. Here is some key info regarding this event:
F3 Holiday Party

Date: 12/15/15

Time: 6:30pm until 9:30pm
RSVP: needed for list of name for guard. Please RSVP to Jason Lockhart (McLovin) by 12/14/15 please email him at [email protected] and sign up for the dish you will bring at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Xk9DQYRV1S2jmxxHbA1Tft_2KTTZ7XZOJgme0J5DZsE/edit#gid=0
Beverage – BYOB
Address: 200 N. Kings Grant Dr. Columbia, SC – once in the gate go to first stop sign and turn left into clubhouse parking lot.
Entertainment: Swaint Nick will be starting at 7:30pm.


Next: pay your money for the Palmetto 200 (if you signed up).

INSPIRATION: I found a few bible verses that discuss fitness.  “Thus I do not run aimlessly.  I do not fight as if I were shadowboxing.  No, I drive my body and train it, for fear that, after having preached to others, I myself should be disqualified.”  (I Corinthians 9:26-27)  “He gives power to the faint, abundant strength to the weak.  Though young men faint and grow weary, and youths stagger and fall, they that hope in the LORD will renew their strength, they will soar on eagles’ wings; They will run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint.”  (Isaiah 40:29-31)  “I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.”  (Philippians 4:13)


Finally, thank you Pondo for all of your leadership.  I will endeavor to keep the shovel flag flying high.  -Silver Bullet

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  1. Thanks Silver Bullet. I know you will do well. This was a good workout, except for the incident. Miraculous how that one deck only had 10’s and face cards.

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