• When: 2019-02-26
  • QIC: Cesspool
  • The PAX: Crusty, Kitty, Lavar, Tator Tot, Kilt, Detour, Prom, Venti, Polo

DIAMOND is a shape you should know! Thanks DETOUR!

10 PAX posted at Swamp Fox this morning for a guest Q by YHC.  It’s always fun to visit different AO’s, this one especially.  Great area to do lots and lots of painful things to push the rock.  Here’s the THANG!

Run to the entrance of the Swamp Fox on Clemson Ave.  As we are about to exit, a tardy PAX rolls in.  We stop and SSH until Detour arrives.  Upon his arrival we all have to be punished with 10 burpees.  Thanks DETOUR!

Mosey down Clemson to Converse Street intersection.  Split the group in 1’s and 2’s.

1’s stay put and perform 20 Mercans and 19 LBC’s.  Plank until 2’s return.

2’s run down to the DIAMOND street sign at the bottom of the hill and return.

Rinse and Repeat for 10 rounds total.  The 10 rounds was mentioned after the 1st round and not one PAX was pleased to hear “TEN”.  They crushed it anyway.

Mosey the opposite way on Converse and bust a left on Furman.  YHC’s classmate was supposed to post this morning and didn’t, so we had to do some exercising in his front yard.  10 SSH in cadence.  Continue the mosey to the Winthrop intersection and bust a left into the St. Martin’s back drive.  Lunge walk to the first tree on the right.  Continue the Mosey to Swamp Fox parking lot.  Here’s where the fun really kicked off.

1 Burpee for each line in the parking lot back to the shovel flag.  43 in total.  Crowd pleaser.

Finally 5 minutes of Mary.  Circle up and all exercises were in cadence.

15 Flutter Kicks, 15 LBC’s, 15 Freddy Mercury’s, Boat/Canoe, Superman, 1 Minute plank.

Time was called.



  • 4-6-19 is a CONVERGENCE at the BLATT PE Center.  #SPUR and #SMACKDOWN AO.  Bring someone that you’ve not seen in a while and an FNG.  There will something for all.
  • Keep Welcome Week, Michelle, and RA as well as their M’s  in your T and P’s.  Very trying times for these families in very different situations.
  • Volunteers for Dress to Impress:  Richland One is asking for mentors to volunteer to help a High School student understand how to be prepared for an interview.  Each student will be assigned a professional mentor to assist in shopping for the perfect business appropriate outfit at Macy’s.  The time commitment for a shopping mentor is a bout 2.5 hours.  Contact an AOQ for more information if you’re interested.