• When: 2017-08-02
  • QIC: Turnpike
  • The PAX: Wham!, Kamikaze (#Respect), Selfie, McBeal, Katniss, Backstop, OBC, BigTime, Slapshot, Turncoat, Grilz, FreeBird, Special K (#Respect), LambChop, Turnpike

Deck of Pain v2 @ #TheCastle

15 PAX arrived at #TheCastle to get better by playing the Deck of Pain.  The “deal” was simple:  Each PAX took 2 cards. Spades = Blocks; Clubs = Bricks; Hearts = Cardio; Diamonds = Abs/Quads. Reps were performed by taking the card value and adding 10.  2 Jokers were also included, and unfortunately, the Q drew one (coincidence…I think not!).  YHC apologizes for the cadence missteps – between the cards, Depeche Mode radio playing on Pandora and gasping for breath, multiple screw-ups were made, but the PAX pushed through.

Conditions – 67 and perfect

Opened with the Disclaimer

The Thang:

  • Butt Kicks * 15 (IC)
  • Calf Raises * 15 (IC)
  • Through the Tunnel * 15 (IC)
  • Calf Stretch * 30 seconds
  • Windmill * 15 (IC)
  • Little Baby Arm Circles – Forward * 15 (IC)
  • Little Baby Arm Circles – Backward * 15 (IC)
  • Jump Rope * 30 seconds
  • SSH * 15 (IC)

We moseyed around the parking lot and then took our bricks, blocks and playing cards.  YHC did not record the number of reps, but the exercises are shown below in order (or at least as close as YHC remembers). Balance between IC and OYO:

  • Modified crunches: Right leg over left, left elbow to right knee, Left leg over right, right elbow to left knee
  • Brick Tricep Extends
  • Block Chest Press
  • High Knees
  • Bernie Sanders up the parking lot hill, mosey back
  • Hee-Haws
  • Block Calf Raises
  • Solo Iron Cross
  • Jump Rope
  • AYG Kings Grant Drive Hill Run
  • Brick Butterfly
  • Block Row
  • Brick Punch
  • Block Gorilla Walk (Block extended in front, pull legs to block) * 5
  • Brick Boulware (Curls with fingers extended up)
  • Jump Rope
  • Block Goblet Squat
  • Brick Overhead Press
  • Brick Curls

Bricks and Blocks put away, back to COT for finish.

  • LBC’s * 10 (OYO)
  • Flutter Kicks *15 (IC)
  • LBC’s * 10 (OYO)
  • Through the Tunnel * 10 (IC)
  • SSH * 10 (IC)
  • Jump Rope ~ 30 seconds

It was an honor leading the PAX this morning. Thrilled to see 15 PAX and that we beat our 13 from Monday. YHC appreciated the visit from BigTime and OBC.  Great work done by all.

COT: Counterama; Name-O-Rama

Announcements – HDHH Bar None today at 5.

Special prayer for those impacted by the shutdown of the nuclear reactor projects.


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