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Deck of Death – Philly Style

11 men assembled for workout but as an unexpected bonus got a quick lesson on Philly Cheesesteak etiquette (an oxymoron if there ever was one):  the only acceptable toppings are cheese and onions (that green pepper nonsense was concocted outside of the City of Brotherly Love and is not officially sanctioned).  Acceptable cheeses are American, Provolone, and the almighty Cheez Whiz, so when ordering only two words are necessary (type of cheese / with or without onions), Example – Whiz/Witout, Provolone/Wit, etc.

Class excused for a quick mosey over to the tennis courts where a Philly-based beatdown awaited. To the tune of ‘Gonna Fly Now’ from the original (and pretty much all Rocky movies) the PAX simulated the Italian Stallion’s glorious run through Philly, with a mix of jogging, butt-kickers, high knees, merkins, and some shadowboxing after an imaginary stair climb.  Awkward man-hugs optional.

Warmup continued with LBAC forward/reverse x 15/ea, hillbillies x 20, flutter kicks x 20, LBCs x 20, prayer squats x 20

Mosey over to the upper field where two tires awaited.  In two groups the PAX took turns each flipping tires 5x followed by 10 mountain climbers until the far tree-line was reached.

Mosey to BHE pickup line for the main event – Deck of Death.
4-10 of resulted in quantities of the following, depending on suit:
Clubs = dips
Spades = jump squats
Diamonds = diamond merkins
Hearts = big boys
2’s and 3’s resulted in a short lap and a long lap, respectively
Face cards (cards with faces and not 10’s according to local custom) resulted in 5 burpees
Aces = 1 burpee
Jokers = 30 second rest (or burpee-break for those inclined)

Impressively, the full deck was completed with enough time to flip tires to their home and mosey to the wall for a quick finale:

30 x people’s chair shoulder press while partner held balls-to-the-wall, then flapjack until the final bell.

Quick thoughts on the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer ‘Our Father…’ as we are all brothers and need to be there to encourage and support one another.

Announcement:  Xmas Party at Kings Grant 12/15