• When: 2019-10-15
  • QIC: Collar
  • The PAX: Billy Bob, Stretch, Detour, Apple, Rooney, Boo Boo, Bendi, MisFire, Zima, Heidi, Blow Out, Wally, Duckie, Collar

Death and Taxes

It’s Tax Day! (for the extended people)

Conditions – Perfect

The Thang:

Run down Briarfield to Trenholm and back stopping at each intersection to do 10 Burpees.  Total of 100 Burpees

Jumping Clock Squats – do the number of jumping squats at each number on the clock.  Total 78 Jumping Squats

Step-ups while we wait for the six to finish

Captain Thor’s – 1 BBS 4 American Hammers up to 10 & 40.  Total 55 BBS and 220 American Hammers

Hustler Merkins – 1 Merkin 4 Overhead Press up to 10 & 40.  Total 55 Merkins and 220 Overhead Presses

V-ups, Freddy Mercurys, and Straight-leg Sit-ups 1 each exercise increasing reps for each round until time.



  • T-Claps to Rooney who was an FNG at Scramble yesterday for posting to his first bootcamp
  • YHC took some heat for calling a similar workout to Duckie’s (who Q’d last Thursday), but then it was discovered that Duckie hadn’t put up his backblast.  In all honesty YHC doesn’t check prior backblasts anyway.


  • Convergence this Saturday at AC Flora 7AM
  • Backblasts are important and need to be uploaded.  YHC may be the worst offender but the PAX puts the work in and should get the credit.  We all need to take the time to write up a backblast.