• When: 01/09/2015
  • QIC: OC
  • The PAX: OC, Paperboy, Driveby, Huffy, Spackler, Pipeline, Boris, Waggle (FNG), Bambi (FNG), Full Monty, Pele, Streudel, Beads, BetaMax

Dawnstrike Reels Em’ In

Saturday’s installment of Dawnstike included 2 new FNG’s which we don’t get often at our early Saturday AO. It was nice to have some new blood on hand and as always much mumble chatter was had by all. Oh yeah, and hard work was put in as well.

Warm up mosey around to the side parking lot. Circle up


Imperial Walkers IC X20

Merkins IC X20

Agility work on parking spot lines.  Back and forth/Z formation/Slalom

Flutter kicks X50 IC

Chaser LBC X20 IC

Russian Twists IC X20

Mosey to Brickpile and Grab Block–circle up in parking lot

Curls X20 IC

Chest press X15 IC


Squats X12 IC

Wall sits–60 sec each x 3

Back to blocks

Sit ups, Curls etc


Walk length of back lot with block Cusacked.  At end do 20 sit ups.  Walk back with block cusacked.  More sit ups.

Put blocks away and mosey to wall on side of Gym.


Wall sits with various sprints and ark loader between wall and fa wall on Adger… bear crawling, crab walks, sprints, karaoke, run fwd, run backwards, shuffle run.

100 yd dash.

Hollywood squares

10 inclines OYO

10 declines OYO

10 box jumps OYO

10 step ups with knee thrusts OYO each leg

2 min Iron cross



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