• When: 2018-12-08
  • QIC: Fallout
  • The PAX: Pipeline, Oscar, DoubleRub, Babar

DawnStrike goes to Circuit City

5 pax showed up in the cold drizzle to enjoy what YHC guaranteed would be a dry, warm morning. I should become a weatherman with that prediction success.

The Thang:

  • Mosey to the side of Dreher, circle up in the foyer
  • SSH, 25, IC
  • Imperial Walker, 25, IC
  • LBAC, 15 forward/reverse/ press, IC
  • merkins, 15, OYO
  • Through the Tunnel, 20, IC
  • Squats, 15, IC

Mosey to the tennis courts, which may have had a little water on them:

  • Run suicides x2
  • Bear Crawl suicides #crowdpleaser

At this point, we moved to the relative dry of the breezeway:

  • Bear crawl suicides
  • crab walk suicides
  • Races:
  • Sprints (Pipeline winner)
  • Bear Crawl (Fallout winner)
  • Lungewalk (Oscar Winner)

Mosey to get blocks, then over to the side parking lot for a little DORA

  • Partner 1 runs, Partner 2 block
  • (100) Squats w/block
  • (200) OH Press w/ block
  • (300) Curls

It was during this that the parking lot got busy with traffic, even though we moved over there to avoid it. Pipeline may have come a little close to getting hit, sort of.

Once that was done, we put the blocks up, and moseyed to the wall for wall sits, minute apiece, x3.

Moseyed back to the flag for COT.


I appreciate the pax bearing with the weather and traffic, and all the audibles called to deal with them. The men did great work, and I learned Babar absolutely loves bear crawls and crab walks! Always a pleasure to Q the greatest AO there is.