• When: 01/07/17
  • QIC: OC
  • The PAX: OC, Fountainhead, BetaMax, DriveBy, JarJar, Kitty, Fallout, Beads, Lederhosen, Goose, Ripcord, Doublerub, Cornstache, Stoner, Noonan, Schwetty

Dawnstrike Draws Large Inclement Weather Crowd

16 Pax made Dawnstrike great again by ignoring the forecast and the cold drizzle to post for a OC led beatdown.  Great crowd for such crappy weather.  Of course work was done! I just can’t remember all of it!  I remember it as a type this intro because I have extreme soreness in the arms and shoulders.

The thang:

Mosey to the back parking lot to keep us out of the soggy grass:



Imperial Walkers X 20 IC

Get down on the wet pavement:

Russian Twists X 20 IC

Flutter Kicks X 20 IC

Attempted to call out squats but hD  brain fart when it came to counting so attempt was abandoned for more Flutter Kicks–X 20 IC


Head to Brickpile and grab blocks and bricks

Line up on one end of lot

20 big boy sit ups

Curls for the girls

walk to other end of lot doing presses with bricks

Farmers carry block in right hand to one end- return with block in other hand

Bear crawls/Crab walk between planters all the way to end–rinse repeat for return

Wall sits/Flutter kicks rotationX 4

Couple laps around parking lot

This is where it gets fuzzier — I know we did more because I feel it today.



Return blocks

Mosey to front of school

Hollywood squares work was done– including lots of dips, inclines and flutter kicks.  10 minute rotation


Thanks guys for posting– it was a fun crowd and as always Dawnstrike was the #FunnestAOEver

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