• When: 12/05/15
  • QIC: DriveBy
  • The PAX: Crack, Belding, Kitty, Pipeline, Grilz, Seeker, Pele, Noonan, Boris, PaperBoy, Beads, LoveShack, Apple, DriveBy

#Dawnstike Parties with CMUs & Bell South

Conditions: About 34 degrees, no wind

The Thang:

Mosey from front of Dreher to rear parking lot

High knees to first parking island

Bear crawl to next parking island

Duck walk to next parking island

High knees around last parking island

Butt kicks from last island to cage

Grab blocks and head over the wall onto Michigan Street

Circle up for curls (20 IC)

Bench press (20 IC)

Cusack from circle to stop sign at Devereaux

Form up for Indian Mosey with blocks down to Adger Street

Indian Mosey to intersection with Berkley

Farmer Carries with two blocks for partner one down Berkley Hill while partner two does BB Situps/Switch up

Farmer Carries with blocks for partner one down Adger Hill to first lightpost while partner two does squats/Switch up (#Crowdpleaser)

Form up for Indian Mosey to intersection of Adger and Devereaux

Grab a patch of real estate for Iron Crosses (30 OYO) partner switch up

Tunnel of Love (taking it easy in the grass, not on the road — pax got of light)

Form up for Indian Mosey back to Michigan Street and over the wall

Trade blocks for telephone pole and break into groups

Make way to goal post on side of field for telephone pole end-over-ends/aka pile drivers (10 minutes)

Return poles and run to wall

Community Chair (2 minutes)

10 burbees OYO

Community Chair (1 minute)

10 burpees OYO

Mosey to Shovel Flag

Moleskin: YHC opted to come out and change things up a bit, putting to use some basic exercises often done with some off-campus touring with a little weight. Central to the Dawnstrike experience was the opportunity for the pax to have some field work with the AO’s telephone poles. Fourteen brothers got better and held each other accountable for what has become a much-anticipated Saturday routine. The diversity of the crowd proves that the #earlyshow is popular no matter where you post throughout the week. Sleeping in is just not an option. A good showing for coffeeteria at 5 Points Starbucks followed.

COT: Lead by DriveBy

BOM: Prayer led by DriveBy

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