• When: 2018-06-30
  • QIC: Splinter and Cesspool
  • The PAX: Pipeline, Termite, Schwabby, Subprime, Okra, Serena, Heist, Chewy, Hustler, McNugget, Eldrick, Wally, Spud, Robber, Corndog, Lugnut,

#CRAZYTRAIN Headed into the station.

18 PAX posted for the final two workouts for the #CRAZYTRAIN.  Only 6 PAX remained and #BATTLE was meant to push these men just a little farther.  YHC and Splinter were on Q and had a plan that would test each and everyone.  Warning, don’t try this at home kids.  Here’s the thing!

Conditions:  74 and humid!  A good sweat was had by all.

YHC began because Splinter’s part was ridiculously hard.

Meet at the flag and take off running toward the old RR track.  YHC thought this would be extremely important for #CRAZYTRAIN.  Take a right as if you are headed to the riverwalk.

SSH oyo while we wait on the 6.

5 Burpees OYO.

Continue running up the greenway to the 2nd overpass.  Instructions are given to perform:

30 Merkins

30 LBC’s

30 Squats

5 Burpees all OYO.

Backtrack up the greenway to the first safety light.  Instructions are given to perform the following at the next 8 safety light posts:

20 Merkins

20 LBC’s

20 Squats

SSH and Mary until the 6 arrives.

Mosey to the playground.  Partner up.

P1 – 10 Pullups

10 Merkins

10 LBC’s

10 Squats until P2 returns

P2 – Lap around the pond.

Circle up fort he final first 1/2.

5 Merkins

5 LBC’s

5 Squats

5 Burpees all OYO

Splinter’s turn.  This part sucked out loud.  Just a warning. 

Run to the Amphitheater.  Partner up again.

100 Partner Heal Tap Crunches

50 Partner BBS

Box Jump all the way up the amphitheater.  At each landing 4 Lunges for both Partners.

Run up the steps and out of the amphitheater.  Take a right to exit the parking lot.  At the exit turn left on Laurel and continue to the corner.  At the corner of Laurel and Gadsden:

Perform 30 partner Burpees and 30 Partner Squats.  Take a left on Gadsden towards Taylor.

At the corner of Gadsden and Taylor perform 30 partner Burpees and 30 Partner Squats.  Take a left on Taylor towards Assembly.

At the corner of Taylor and Assembly perform 30 partner Burpees and 30 Partner Squats.  Take a left on Assembly towards Laurel.

At the corner of Assembly and Laurel perform 30 partner Burpees and 30 Partner Squats.  Take a left on Laurel back to the upper parking lot of Finlay Park.

Back down the amphitheater and perform:

100 Partner Heal Tap Crunches

50 Partner BBS

Run back to the flag.

BOM:  Splinter


  • Born of the 4th of July race Wednesday.  All other AO’s are at AMBLE.
  • Mission Cookout at Pine Island Aug. 3rd.
  • Splinter is forming a Smokey Mountain Relay team for the race in April.


  • Awesome job this morning by all attending.  Proud of Schwabby for attending his first #BATTLE.  There were other first time battlers and this was not easy.  Well Done!
  • Splinter and YHC were partners.  As we finished the amphitheater and started running through the parking lot, he says, “hey buddy, this isn’t going to be easy.  Get your mind right.”  He was right.  Trying to keep up with him is virtually impossible on flat ground, throw in hills, burpees, and squats for the last 30 minutes of #BATTLE, forget it!  Thanks for the push brother!