• When: 01/31/17
  • QIC: Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Heist, ShadeTree, Serena, Rosenbagger, Minion, Wingback, Enterprise, Corndog, Jar Jar

Crack kills in numerous ways

Conditions: 35 and clear after several nice days, no mud. Perfect for a beatdown.

Tha Thang: Since this was mostly made up on the fly without Weinke, my memory is guaranteed to fail. I was warned that due to the variety involved, a PDF attachment to the backblast may be needed. I prefer just to skip some of the stuff, or throw in some out-of-order. If you were there, you remember. Unless you’ve blocked it out subconsciously. Which may be a blessing. We moved fast with little between exercises, and a high cadence for most exercises (until my crack wore off around the 50 minute mark).
Mosey to corner. SSH IC x 30
Mosey to pick up the late arrival from the parking lot (His initials rhyme with Hade Stree). Imperial Squat walkers IC x 15
Mosey to corner. Flutter kick IC x 61. #crowdpleaser
Mosey to corner. Merkins IC x 20
Mosey to corner. Jump lunges OYO x 20.
Reverse bear crawl up the General hill.
Mosey to corner. Burpees x 15 OYO.
Mosey to rightfield line. Jump lunges x 20, sprint to center field, lunge walk back. Flutter for 6.
Jump lunge x 20, karaoke to center and back. Flutter for 6.
Deep squat x 15, sprint to center, lunge walk back. Flutter for 6
Deep squat x 15, karaoke to center and back. Flutter for 6. Mosey to bleachers.
Wheelbarrow with partner to center, switch halfway.
Box jump up and down the bleachers x 5. Mosey to corner. LBAC all directions and OHC x 10 each.
Sprint to corner. Flutter kick IC x 30. Mosey to tennis court.
Crab walk to center service line, backwards back, CW to far sideline, back.
One-legged bear crawl to far sideline and back.
Inchworm to midline and back.
Other leg bear crawl to far sideline and back, then to the street.
Indian Run to playground.
P1 does 5 pullups, P2 does 10 deep squats, flapjack, repeato x 3.
P1 does 5 pullups, P2 does 15 merkins, flapjack, repeato x 3. Mosey to street.
Lunge walk to basketball court (Shadetree’s fault)(Again) and line up on baseline.
Burpee suicides, standard spots with one burpee at each.
Burpee broad jumps length of the basketball court (feeling it now). Mosey to street.
Dealers choice. Some were incapable of making a decision. They learned from their mistake.
Flutter kick x a fair amount.
Burpees x 15 OYO (thanks Minion!) . Back to the basketball court.
Do something heinous. Mosey to street.
LBAC again. Mosey to parking lot.
Single leg squats x 4 each (moaning overheard)
Imperial Squat Walkers x 5 IC (deafening moans overheard)

Announcements: Prayers for Crabdaddy with surgery on 2/15
Monthly Murph

Devo: Noahs Ark
1.Don’t miss the boat.
2.Sometimes God destroys in order to save.
3.Plan ahead. God will do what he says. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.
4.Stay physically, spiritually, and mentally fit. When you’re 600 years old someone may ask you to do something really big.
5.When you are following God’s commands, don’t listen to critics who say you’re crazy.
6.Build your future on the high ground of prayer. Let God help you with your biggest responsibilities.
7.Be patient and give God time. Noah didn’t disembark until God told him to – six months after landing on dry ground.
8.The ark was built by amateurs trusting in God. The Titanic was built by professionals trusting in themselves.
9.There needs to be rain in order to see a rainbow.
10.God cares.

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