• When: 2019-07-22
  • QIC: Betamax
  • The PAX: Paperboy, Baby Ruth, Schweddy, OBC, Tapeworm, Gaston

Countdown Beatdown

Another hot, humid morning greeted the PAX this AM at the corner of Bull and Blossom. 7 men did a countdown and prayed for the breeze to come back every time it died down.

The Thang:

Today’s modification of the Bull gave the PAX options. You could choose Merkins, Big Boys or Squats as your exercise of choice but needed to stick to that one until you counted all the way down from 20. 20 reps at the top of the first stair well, 19 at the bottom, 18 at the top to the second stairwell, 17 at the bottom until you got down to just one of that exercise at the bottom of the 7th stairwell (lap 3.5). Then start with 20 of another exercise at the top of the 8th stairwell, and so on…

Baby Ruth, as usual, led the PAX in laps and Tapeworm, as usual, did about 3 hours of the Bullseye (he’s close to 100,000 feet of elevation gain on the year…).


F3 Decathlon on 7/27 (this Saturday) at Ben Lippen. Splinter is looking for more HC’s and volunteers to make this event go off with a bang. Hit him up on the Twitters!