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Costanza's Power Rounds Hit Thunder

12 Ventured into Thunder this morning for a beatdown that was borrowed from Chaser’s workout from my first F3 experience back in June. I made some modifications, as some pointed out – they couldn’t see Chaser singing “Believe it or Not” – True, that was a Costanza add.

The Thang:
Warm up jog around the field.
15 Imperial Walkers
15 Peter Parkers
30 Chaser LBCs
Superman while singing “Believe it or Not”
30 Flutter kicks

Divide circle into 4 quadrants, each quadrant becomes a ‘round’ – split into two groups of 6, group 1 starts at Abs Station, group 2 starts at Burpee station.

Merkin Round
30 sec. Merkins
30 sec. Diamond Merkins
30 sec. Decline Merkins (off of partners back)
30 sec. Decline Merkins (switch partners)
60 sec. Low Plank
High knees to next round

Abs Round
30 sec. Iron cross with partner
30 sec. Iron cross, switch partner
30 sec. Russian Twist
30 sec. Freddie Mercury
60 sec. Low Plank
Jog to next station

Legs Round
30 sec. Mountain Climbers
30 sec. Stationary Lunges
30 sec. Calf Raises
30 sec. Squats
60 sec. High Plank
Karaoke to next station, jog in place until begin

Burpee Round
30 sec. Burpees
30 sec. SSH
30 sec. Burpees
30 sec. SSH
60 sec. High Plank
Sprint to next round, jog in place until start

Rinse and Repeat

Circle back up.
15 Carolina Dry Dock #didn’tneedthatafterallthosemerkins
From Dry dock position, chop and roll. Right/ Left on YHC’s call.
40 Flutter Kicks to finish.


BOM Closed out by Costanza


  • After the last round, YHC asks, any muscle group you missed this morning? Termite responds “My Brain”
  • The Dry Docks following the two Merkin Stations was NOT needed.
  • Strong workout fellas, enjoyed reliving my first workout.  Special thanks to Chaser for the inspiration.
  • Seeker will be following up with more information on some disadvantaged children that could use our help be on the lookout for that.


  • Sign up for Palmetto 200 – 3rd F3 team in the works.  Should be a fun time – though Thimble points out a 200 mile relay isn’t his definition of fun.
  • Mud Run this weekend, get it done guys. #F3Strong
  • Governor’s Cup Training continues

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