• When: 2019-02-14
  • QIC: Lug Nut
  • The PAX: Lug Nut, Welcome Week, Mud Dawg, Spot, Insanity, Biggie Smalls, Chyna, Betamax, Robber, Big Worm

Circuit around Hand with Love

YHC set out to get at least 10 PAX to show up to hold steady for the Greatest Rivalry in Sports between Thunder and Hammer. We achieved the goal of 10. As hinted at in the tweet prior to the workout there were some Alligator merkins involved.

Conditions: 32 and it felt just right

The Thang:

Warm-up: 1 lap around track at Hand, 20 SSH IC, 20 squats and 5 burpees

Circuit: Start at a parking space

-20 side hops over line (10/side), mosey to basketball court where the real fun begins

-Alligator Merkins to half court and then Bear Crawl to end line (Original plan was to Bear Crawl back across court but modified after first time down), mosey around to corner of Hand (wheat/woodrow)

-20 Jump Squats, mosey to stairs

-20 Calf Raises, mosey to sidewalk next to track

-20 Alternating Lunge Walk (10/leg)

-20 Decline Merkins x 20 dips, mosey to parking lot

Repeat x 5

When PAX finished they circled back to rest of PAX finishing and finished as a group at time. (could’ve been done quicker but Robber was there so…)


-Continued prayers for PAX, Dam to Dam participants and for PAX to continue to be leaders in their daily lives

Chyna had a heartfelt devo focusing on accepting love from others and working on not closing ourselves off from our loved ones but be accepting of the love and let it lift you up when needed.